The Mizuki riverside villas with high class facilities

The Mizuki integrates a series of facilities including riverside walking trail, riverside park, canal park, lounge, private garden in the villa, etc. 

According to Nam Long Group, investor of The Mizuki, the exclusive facility system will shape the project and reflect the personal taste, style and remark of each homebuyer. A private, isolated living space with exclusive amenities is not sufficient to attract the modern elites, who need a creative living space based on their personal taste and feeling.

"So we have researched and included in The Mizuki high class facilities that the elites are looking for," said a representative of Nam Long Group.

Shahab Karmely, founder of KAR Properties, who has many years in the real estate industry also shared the same point of view. In an interview with Fox Business, he said: "When rich people buy houses, they invest in lifestyle."

The riverside perspective of the project. Photo: Nam Long Group.

With a central location in the modern integrated township Mizuki Park, convenient traffic to the center of Ho Chi Minh City, The Mizuki offers a quiet and relaxing space in the heart of the city. The project is located near key intersections, connecting to major areas.

The outstanding feature of this project is the three riverside facades with a riverbank of more than 400m long, while the other facade is the Marina Square connected to the commercial, entertainment corridors of the integrated township Mizuki Park. This allows a peaceful, comfortable, and feng shui green living space.

Residents of The Mizuki will enjoy the high-class facilities such as riverside walking trail, 3,600 m2 of riverside park, 1,500 m2 of canal park, BBQ area, outdoor sports area, children's playground, lounge, family party area, swimming pool, gym, yoga, sauna, etc.

Perspective image of the project’s green coverage. Photo: Nam Long Group.

The Mizuki’s representative said that the project is expected to raise the living standard of elites in the South Saigon area. The pier will allow docking of a variety of boats.

In addition, the project focuses on pen design in a private, isolated space with a delicate combination of natural and environmentally friendly materials.

The art of space planning in harmony with the green coverage and multi-layer security, along with the cascading design at The Mizuki, help blur the boundaries and distances, bringing residents closer to nature but still ensuring safety. The million-dollar view of an immense green space of trees and rivers helps the owner to enjoy relaxing moments right from the house, without the need of going to resorts or hotels far from the city.

Source: Vnexpress