The lively look of Mizuki Park Township

Merging the essence of Japanese spirit and Vietnamese culture, Mizuki Park provides high-quality, well-kept living spaces that entice residents to establish their homes.

In 2015, Nam Long formally announced its collaboration with two Japanese partners, Hankyu Hanshin Properties and Nishi Nippon Railroad. The extensive partnership between an investor who comprehends the Vietnamese market and two businesses with over 100 years of history from Japan has resulted in a series of top-notch projects such as Flora Anh Dao, Fuji Residences, and Kikyo Residences. Mizuki Park is the 4th project that signifies the collaboration between Nam Long and 2 Japanese partners, with substantial continuity from the previous project, which evolved from several apartment blocks and apartment-villa complexes to an integrated township.

Mizuki Park covers an area of 26 hectares and is directly connected to Nguyen Van Linh Avenue, which is the main thoroughfare in the southern area of Ho Chi Minh City. This convenient location allows residents to easily access a variety of amenities in Phu My Hung and travel to the city center and surrounding areas. In the era of multi-polar, multi-center development that supports population growth, townships such as Mizuki Park are an ideal choice for settlement due to their convenient connectivity and the quality of the living environment they offer.

The valuable land is surrounded by the 20m Lao canal and the 60m Ngang canal, as well as rich nature, resulting in the creation of a distinctive "water and wood" focal point at Mizuki Park. The overall construction density of the entire area is only 29%, and the 17,000 m2 central canal gently winds through housing projects, circulating cool air throughout the township. 

Nature serves as a catalyst for promoting healthy lifestyles within the local community. Throughout Mizuki Park, residents can experience the essence of nature with a network of parks, Japanese gardens, and more planned around the township. There are 103,000 m2 of green space interwoven with architecture and amenities so that every view and feeling connects with nature.

Mizuki Park is a pioneer in creating a modern integrated township model, offering a complete utility system that caters to the needs of living, studying, working, shopping, and entertainment. Apart from the amenities in each apartment cluster, residents can easily enjoy fun and entertainment activities at event parks, squares, and marinas just a few steps away. 

One of the significant utility projects at Mizuki Park is the completed Marina Square commercial and service neighborhood, which is set to become a bustling and unique hub, serving 16,000 residents of the area and 65,000 neighboring residents. As part of the investor's urban facilities development strategy, popular brands such as Kingfoodmart, Tib restaurant, PhinDeli, Trung Nguyen, and more are gradually establishing their presence at Mizuki Park, adding value to the township and enhancing practical amenities.

After over 6 years, Mizuki Park has transformed from an untouched land into a thriving residential hub in the southern part of the city. In 2023, the investor delivered over 1,200 apartments from projects such as Flora Mizuki MP6-7-8, Flora Mizuki MP9-10, and Flora Panorama. Additionally, the Mizuki villa area with 39 units is currently being handed over. The urban lifestyle continues to evolve, fostering a cultured, welcoming, and distinctive community.

Mizuki Park was recognized in 2023 as one of the Top 10 most livable townships in Vietnam. This acknowledgment underscores the commitment to developing vibrant and genuinely livable urban spaces, aligning with the emergence of Vietnamese townships. The collaborative effort of the architectural team has resulted in a remarkable achievement on the urban development journey, with thousands of illuminated windows lighting up the night and a vibrant daily rhythm of life.

Source: znews.vn