The Mizuki - Investment home in South Saigon

As riverside land supply became scarce, the riverside villas are proving that this segment would be even more attractive. It is not difficult to understand why The Mizuki Riverside Compound in Mizuki Park has received a lot of attention even though it has not been officially announced.

Identifying products for the upper class

According to a report by Knight Frank, riverfront property is always the most expensive choice, 36.8% more expensive than regular property. Especially during the pandemic, buyers tend to look for riverside living spaces with larger green coverage. Demand for this type of property increasing while the supply becoming limited is the main reason for the significant increase in selling price. For example, the value of waterfront properties in the UK are 49% higher than comparable homes located further away from the water. In Australia, the difference soaks to 89.3%. Riverfront property values ​​increased by an average of 2.1% in Q2/2021, which means that the average prices were 12% higher than they were a year ago, according to Knight Frank's Waterfront Index.

The same situation happened in Vietnam’s market. In Ho Chi Minh City, according to Savills Vietnam's real estate report for Q1/2021, in the villa segment, new supply is scarce and at the lowest in 5 years. This is one of the main reasons for selling prices in the secondary market increased sharply. Especially in the past 2 years, there are only a few of new riverside villa projects launched. 

Savills also said that the supply of townhouses and villas will continue to be low as HCMC Housing Planning till 2030 prioritizes the development of high-rise housing. In the past decade, the low-rise housing segment accounted for less than 10% of total new products, which is expected to drop in the near future.

Rare and containing all the essentials of an ideal living space, riverside villas become an identifying property for the upper class, which will not be easy to own, even for people with money.

Answering to the demand for riverside villas

Amidst the market scarcity, the timely launch of The Mizuki, with outstanding values, is an answer to the demand for riverside villas in the market, hence attracting a lot of attention. This is also a rare remark of local brand Nam Long in the luxury real estate segment in Ho Chi Minh City, after a long time focusing on affordable housing and other well known villa products in urban areas in Dong Nai and Long An.

Located in the most beautiful location of Mizuki Park Integrated township, 39 villas with 3 riverside facades The Mizuki not only provide an ideal living space, but represent 39 unique artworks for buyers with a good aesthetic taste.

Private, isolated with multi-layer security, along with a series of exclusive facilities only for the residents such as riverside park, riverside walking trail, BBQ garden, yoga room, sauna, etc., The Mizuki is a solution to the luxury ladder that buyers with a sophisticated lifestyle are looking for.

In particular, the 3,200-m2 Marina Square is one of a few high-class facilities in the city, which not only solves the need for berths but also justifies the luxuriousness and new living trend of the upper class. New life of the modern elite - canoe landing right in front of their house. The  Marina square is a symbol of high class living in the South Saigon area.

The project with 3 riverside facades has cascading facade design to guarantee the million-dollar view for every villa - Perspective Planning. 

With smart and ingenious cascading design, The Mizuki is one a very few projects in the South which have 3 riverside facades and every villa offers a million-dollar view. Carrying the spirit of modern tropical architecture and a natural touch of Zen, The Mizuki is a symphony about nature and people, filled with originality, bringing pure emotions and absolute peace to the owner.

In the bustling and noisy urban life, The Mizuki is an expensive low note, a worthy investment home  that Nam Long put a lot of passion into developing.

For direct consultation, please contact the hotline: 0902 000 895. 

Source: CafeF