"Zero Dong Supermarkets" - Nam Long's way of loving and sharing with the residential community

Having always cared and aimed to create a valuable living environment and product for the community from the beginning, Nam Long was deeply concerned as its residential areas were isolated one after another amidst Covid-19 outbreak.  Knowing that controlling the outbreak is a long journey, Nam Long is happy to have the companies of the Board of Trustees and Building management team right at the residential buildings as the frontline battle team, building a firm wall to protect the residents. The Group has held many activities across its residential areas as ways of loving and sharing during this time, of which, “Zero Dong Supermarket” is a typical example. 

The Zero Dong Supermarket is a supportive activity in “Nam Long contributing to fighting against Covid-19 in 2021” campaign. As travel restrictions and home quarantine came in place, Nam Long immediately organised Zero Dong supermarket to promptly supply necessities and food for residents. Besides its original purpose, this supermarket model also became the Bridge of gratitude during the pandemic, connecting the investor and the residents with love and positivity. 

"Zero Dong Supermarket” at Flora Fuji Apartment Complex (Phuoc Long B ward, Thu Duc city) providing vegetables and daily necessities.

Nam Long’s Zero Dong Supermarket shelves are located in open space and easy to find, making it convenient for residents to shop for things that their families need. The products offered at Zero Dong Supermarket that their families are currently using. need. The products provided at “Zero Supermarket” are carefully selected from reliable sources, clean and constantly renewed. 

The supplies of fresh and clean food at Zero Dong Supermarket are stocked up daily and changed regularly by Nam Long, allowing the residents to have more choices for their meals during the pandemic.

“Since the outbreak started and my building was isolated due to positive cases, it was very difficult to go to the market. Online ordering was also challenging as a result of high demand, so there is no instant delivery. Everybody was really happy hearing that there is a Zero Dong Supermarket right at my building. The food options are diverse. I went down a few times to get vegetables, eggs, etc. Though the supermarket is small enough to fit a corner, but it is enough to warm our hearts. We are grateful and would like to thank Nam Long for this meaningful activity”, a resident at EHome 5 said. 

Zero Dong Supermarket has become a familiar corner of Nam Long’s residents during the pandemic, bringing love and peace of mind to the community. 

Many residents have volunteered to deliver food from Zero Dong Supermarket to people who are quarantined in their apartment. 

Zero Dong Supermarket is a clear example and Nam Long’s statement of Vietnamese’s “sharing is caring” in difficult times. 

Through Zero Dong Supermarkets, more than 20,000 cans and packs of instant food, 20 tons of rice, more than 10 tons of fresh veggies and fruits, etc. have been supplied to the residents. Besides, many other activities were also carried out, including Covid-19 testing, express delivery team, Zero Dong meals, or “Play at home, bring the family together” contest to spread positivity in the community, etc. Everything focuses on just one goal, ensuring life and needs of the residents are taken care of despite challenges from the pandemic. 

In addition to supporting the residential community, the VND 17 billion budget of NAM LONG CONTRIBUTING TO FIGHTING  AGAINST COVID-19 PANDEMIC CAMPAIGN 2021 also facilitated other social activities, including contributing VND 5 billion to the Government’s Vaccine Fune, VND 2 billion with of medical supplies and equipment to Bac Giang Province, VND 2 billion to Thu Duc City People’s Committee to support tracking and treating positive cases in Thu Duc, VND 500 million to Long An’s Fund for Covid-19 Prevention and Control, VND 5 billion worth of supplies to hospitals in Ho Chi Minh City, including 160,000 nasal cotton swabs, 590 SpO2 finger oxygen saturation meters, 29,000 N95 masks, 15,700 sets of protective gears, 275,000 medical masks, 3 electrocardiogram machine, 3 sets of endotracheal lights, 4 HFNO/HFC high flow oxygen systems, etc. 

 Source: Nam Long Group (Hose: NLG)