Japanese partner joined Nam Long to develop EHome products for the first time

In July 2021, project EHome Southgate located at the entrance of the 355-hectare Waterpoint township was officially introduced under the partnership of Nam Long’s member company, ADC (Apartment Development Company), and Japan’s Nishi Nippon Railroad. The partnership has a special meaning for Nam Long as this is the first time its Japanese partner participated in an affordable housing project with apartments priced around VND 1 billion.

Been official since 2015, Japanese partners have been accompanying Nam Long on the transformation journey to developing integrated urban areas and product lines including Flora and Valora townhouses, villas that help to improve Vietnamese people’s quality of living. After 6 years of working together and believing in Nam Long’s philosophy and passion for realising Vietnamese people’s dream of having a house, especially the majority in the “affordable housing” segment, Japanese' Nishi Nippon Railroad - decided to cooperate with Nam Long Group in developing EHome products starting with the EHome Southgate project. This is a good signal not only for Nam Long but also for the Vietnamese real estate market as well known foreign investors support development of affordable housing products.

Perspective image of EHome Southgate apartment complex. The project has a total area of 4.5ha including 7 apartment blocks, equivalent to more than 1,400 apartments.

Mr. Fukumori - representative of Nishi Nippon Railroad shared, "Nam Long and Nishi Nippon Railroad have developed 6 projects together from small scale to hundreds of hectares, with 2 easy-to-own products in the mid-high end segment, namely Flora, Valora. Nishi Nippon Railroad's participation in the development of EHome affordable products is a proof of our trust in Nam Long Group''.

Mr. Tran Xuan Ngoc - General Director of Nam Long Group said: "Nam Long is extremely excited to cooperate with our strategic partner, Nishi Nippon Railroad, in the development of EHome affordable products, regardless of its lower profitability than other products we are co-developing.  This shows that the partnership between Nam Long and Japanese partner is not solely based on profiting, but above all, we are pursuing a common mission and sharing a common vision. That is joining hands to create valuable living environments and products for the community, supporting the housing strategy in the country that has given our businesses favorable conditions to grow."

Previous EHome projects always achieve record-breaking sales.

EHome is Nam Long’s highly rated affordable apartment product. Each apartment is priced around VND 1 billion with three core values: Economy (affordable), Ecology (green living environment) and Efficiency (effective design). It is known as a national product that is sold out quickly and awaited at every launch. First brought to market in 2007, EHome has been a dream come true for 5000 families with average monthly income from VND 10-15 million. 

The construction of EHome Southgate is carried out in Waterpoint’s Southgate subdivision, opposite the shopping complex and the Bus Interchange.

EHome Southgate is well designed with a synchronous facility system and is easily connected to the Waterpoint Riverside city’s infrastructure. Residents at EHome Southgate will have an outstanding living environment of the most integrated urban area in West Saigon with not only the Ehome’s facilities but also the entire “all-in-one” multi-purpose facility ecosystem. 

The project has an expected launch date in mid July, 2021.

Source: Nam Long Group (Hose: NLG)