Remarkable memories during quarantine at Ehome4

Nobody could forget how it felt to receive the unexpected lockdown order, nor they forget the heart-warming actions of Nam Long Group, the neighbors and frontline staff. 

EHome 4 was unexpectedly put under lockdown prior to Lunar New Year


The noteworthy days in life

Few days before the Year of the Ox, the 3rd wave of Covid-19 hit all of a sudden. Patients 1979, 1980 were found living at EHome 4, causing the lockdown of the entire building, making it a hot spot in the area. The government set up barriers at every entrance and people must stay inside. Residents have to rely on external supplies from their relatives. 

EHome 4’s residents cancelled all holiday plans to strictly follow the government’s lockdown order, joining the nation’s fight against Covid-19. 

Spraying disinfection to protect the residents at EHome 4

The Covid-19 life seems to just happen recently. In the first nights staying awake and waiting for the test results, everyone was worried. But the confusion and anxiety of the residents gradually disappeared when they embraced the warm love, caring, sharing and especially the hardship of frontline staff and volunteers. 

Hoang Thu Ha, a resident of EHome 4 repeatedly said: “At that time, everyone was mentally prepared since we did not know if we had contacted a F0, or we would wake up becoming a F0. Even though we had returned to my hometown a month earlier, my family ended up packing and moving into quarantine, with our 17 month-old baby. We had physical difficulties but our mentality was assured as we received encouragement and care from everyone.”

Nam Long Group supplied food for residents at EHome 4 during lockdown

Don Hoa’s family, who was on the road to Phu Yen in their private car, turned the car back for 400 km to quarantine at home, after she heard that EHome 4 was under lockdown. “ When I heard about the lockdown order, I immediately thought about going back to quarantine. We live there so we have high chances of being affected. Quarantine is a way to protect our family, relatives and the communities in my hometown. Since I do not intend to spend Tet in Binh Duong, I did not prepare anything, so I asked my relatives to supply food for us during Tet, enough to get through Covid-19 season.” said Hoa.  

Another resident also shared: “At first, I was confused, but when I saw local government members, young volunteers, medical staff had to drizzle, wear sun on duty, transporting supplies. basic foods for residents, a short nap of roommates in the middle of the night, I feel warm, pray for the epidemic to pass quickly for everyone to reunite ”.

Instead of busy with shopping and gathering, families switched plans to rest at home and prepare necessities for the Tet holiday. Although being in quarantine, people are not isolated. The residents’ group chats which were often quiet became active with lots of tips sharing for online shopping, hotline. Tet could have been empty and worrying, but it turned out to be warm and peaceful.   

Food and necessities are always ready for residents

Before the quarantine, everyone was just people who lived in the same neighborhood, barely knew each other. But during quarantine, everyone felt that Covid-19 is probably... not a big deal and indeed an opportunity for people to stick closer to the others. 

Heartwarming love during the Covid-19 season

At EHome 4, during the most difficult and uncertain time, the love in the neighbourhood was heartwarming, like in a big family with thousands of members. 

When EHome 4 was isolated, many families faced challenges due to loneliness, low income, little preparation, no relatives living nearby, etc. Nevertheless, worries eventually faded away as people were taken care by Nam Long Group, the authorities and surrounding people. 

Memories of the quarantine

Having heard of the lockdown order, Nam Long Group immediately distributed necessities, masks, and drinking water to the residents. With the coordination of the management board, all support from the outside was quickly updated to residents. Not leaving anyone isolated, no one with not enough necessities, not letting anyone confused by the unofficial source of information, were the most wonderful things people have done in the outbreak. 

Memories of the quarantine

Memories of the quarantine

Nguyen Dam Thu, a resident at block C2,  shared pictures of stuff she received with the comment :“This is the food that we received in the past few days. I live in C2 and am only allowed to pick up stuff at reception. People have given me lots of caring. I did not think much before but being in this situation, I’m surprised by the Vietnamese spirit of helping others. Whenever there are difficulties, someone would help.

Everyone is supportive, either giving stuff or landing a hand. I’ve heard people asking if anyone would like to buy something, if anyone needs help with water bottles, or even printing documents. As much food as they have they will contribute, from sticky rice, bread, milk tea, to truck of rices, baby food, some mothers also donate breastmilk.

The group chat is full of supporting articles. How precious it is! I've never been in such a heartwarming situation. Thank you everyone! May happiness and luck come to these hearts. I’ll always remember!”

After 16 days of lockdown, the residents raised a donation for the volunteers and frontline staff. The fund reached hundreds of millions within a few days. This is heartwarming, valuable sharing that would not be visible without unexpected events.

Bursting into tears at the end of the lockdown

Quan Tran shared: “We cannot thank enough for the caring and sharing of the investors and building management. In addition to the timely delivery of necessities, we received all the important information, and the smooth connection with the authorities has transformed us into a unit, bringing us through this challenge easily.” 

Thu Thuy, resident of EHome 4, was touched: “When I recall the past days, my feelings are intact. I am really touched and grateful for the support of Nam Long, the care and love of everyone and especially the sacrifice of the volunteers, frontline staff. Regardless of the amount donated, it is a sincere thank, anl encouragement for what people have given away previously.”

From: Nam Long Group (Hose: NLG)