Nam Long is named among the top 100 best places to work in Vietnam

October 22, 2020, Nam Long was first nominated in the Top 100 Best Places to Work in Vietnam 2020 voted by the professional community network Anphabe and the market research company Intage.

Constantly named on Vietnam’s prestigious rankings and international awards, Nam Long has proved to its strong brand as one of the leading enterprises in the real estate industry and one of the best environments for career development in Vietnam.

The list of "Top 100 best places to work in Vietnam 2020" is ranked by the professional community network Anphabe and the market research company Intage based on criteria related to the working environment, salary and bonuses, career opportunities, the company's reputation, etc. Nam Long is nominated in the Top 10 Best Places to work in the Real Estate/ Real Estate Service industry, and also in the Top 50 Vietnamese enterprises with the most attractive employer brand in Vietnam 2020.

Having 4 core businesses including township development, housing development, commercial & service real estate investment, and managing, investing, developing & expanding the group’s ecosystem, Nam Long currently owns a number of 20 member companies and joint ventures with more than 600 employees. At Nam Long, people are always considered valuable assets. Therefore the working environment is built as a fair playground for employees to freely create and develop their careers. Salary and bonus are paid based on the employee's ability to ensure fairness, openness and transparency, so that employees can trust and contribute breakthrough values as well as train the successors to inherit the development of the group. Besides the competitive welfare, PVI health insurance (in addition to the mandatory social health insurance), trip, team building activities, and internal competitions are also organised frequently. 

At the moment, Nam Long has carried out the 10-year development strategy for the period 2021 - 2030, which continues to enhance the development of core businesses and diversify growth in the real estate industry. And to prepare the foundation for the future, the group focuses on strengthening human resources, operation system and management based on 3 core values: Professionalism, Integrity, Ownership. The entire corporation will commit to the promise of working professionally and treating the company as a family, taking the company’s work as their own to the power to succeed. For Nam Long’s employees, the greatest value of working here is having a second family and close connections with their colleagues.

An office corner at Nam Long’s headquarter

Steven Chu Chee Kwang, Nam Long’s CEO said “We are extremely honored and proud of Nam Long's contributions in 30 years of developing houses in Vietnam are not only supported by customers and partners, recognized by domestic and foreign organizations through prestigious awards but also trusted by our employees. Nam Long can make it to the Top 100 Best Places to work in Vietnam thanks to the companionship and commitment of the NLG family. On behalf of the Board of Directors, I would like to thank all staff members for their continuous efforts and contributions to Nam Long's growth. Let’s continue to build and accomplish the group’s development strategy in the next 10 years. Potential candidates, if you are motivated, confident and willing to work hard, please join us. We give you the opportunity to enact your abilities in a friendly yet challenging work environment where you will be rewarded for your work and have open opportunities for career development.“

Source: Nam Long Group