Mizuki Park 10 months after handover

The "Housing Savings Program 2020" applicable for Flora Mizuki Canal Park apartment MP6-MP7-MP8 in Mizuki Park phase 2 had 1,200 registrations within the first day of launch. What factors have given customers the confidence to choose this township?  

The panorama view of Mizuki Park

In 2017, the Mizuki Park (26ha, Binh Chanh) was introduced, bringing the partnership between Hankyu Hanshin, Nishi Nippon Railroad and NLG to a new position with the All-in-one township model that serves all residents’ essential needs such as study, work, entertainment, shopping, etc right inside the township.

At that time, Nam Long offered the Flora Mizuki detached apartment at VND 27 million per m2 and the townhouse/villa at VND 40 million per m2. The current prices have soaked up to around VND 35 million per m2, villas 80 million per m2.

A year after phase 1 handover, Mizuki Park is blooming, the streets are becoming more bustling with the more people come to live here.

The highlight of Mizuki Park, township of Water and Wood, is the 17,000-m2 canal system flowing through the township.

Nam Long is finishing up a series of facilities along the canal such as theme park, Japanese garden, pedestrian bridge, 20-m walking trail, ...

Upon completion, residents will have access to major facilities including 2.5-km cycling trail, 103,000m2 of greenery, theme parks, 40,000-m2 of schools, 15,000-m2 for commercial and services, sports center, medical center, entertainment center, etc.

The Flora and Valora Shophouses on the ground floor are occupied by supermarkets, pharmacies, restaurants, shops, etc. supplying essentials for residents.

Flora Mizuki Apartments are built based on the affordable condominium standard that is completely self-contained with a 3-layer security control system.

Flora Mizuki's facilities are exclusive to the residents including pools for adults and children, outdoor and indoor children's playground, BBQ, indoor sports, lake, park, lakeside park, entertainment room, library, etc.

Exclusive facilities give residents privacy and comfort at their own residency.

Garden apartments have advantage of 3rd floor position so homeowners can grow their own garden with plants and flowers

Mizuki Park's modernity and synchronous infrastructure have intrigued people moving in from the city center. Not only the value of Nam Long’s project but also other small projects nearby have been increased. As a result, phase 2 was highly welcome at introduction. 

In August, 1,200 registrations of “Housing Savings Program" for Flora Mizuki MP6-MP7-MP8 were submitted within the first day of launch

The Flora Mizuki MP6-MP7-MP8 apartments have an edgy waterfront position, next to Event Park, Japanese Garden, and the schools. Thanks to the zigzag design, the apartments are more exposed to wind and light. Apartments have optimal design and come in different sizes, including: 58m2, 67m2, 78m2, 95m2 (2 and 3 bedrooms), 111m2 (dual key), with basic furniture, wooden floor, kitchen cabinets, toilets, etc.

Event Park is the final touch point of the compound Flora Mizuki MP6-MP7-MP8.

Source: Muabannhadat.vn