Dual key apartment - Akari City: Parallel living - Investment solutions

The Dual Key apartment model is increasingly popular due to its high flexibility which allows the apartment to be used simultaneously for various purposes such as living and doing business. 

The innovative design of the Dual Key apartments gives owners 2 fully functional apartments at the price of 1.

Superior design of the Dual Key

The Dual Key apartment model, also known as “dual apartment”, is a large size apartment with a shared entrance leading 2 fully functional apartments via separate doors. Each apartment has its own living room or common room, patio or balcony, kitchen and toilet. In brief, the Dual Key apartment is made of 2 independent apartments. This is a limited edition of Flora collection that Nam Long, Hankyu Hanshin and Nishi NipponRailroad (Japan) introduced at Akari City in response to the city residents’ diversifying needs. Nam Long has redesigned the Dual Key from its own experience to make it contemporary and unique. 

The Dual Key allows owners to use their property for various purposes, like a house or an investment to create additional income for the family.

The Dual Key Akari City is locked with double doors, which means residents have to unlock the main doors and the apartment door in order to access their apartment. Behind the main door, there is a common hall where residents could find the doors to 2 separate Japanese condos, an 80m2 2-bedroom, 2 WC Flora and a 40m2 Flora studio.

Unlike the other multi-key apartments, Dual Key at Akari City has an extra small room in the common hall which can be used as an entertainment, storage or maid room. Dual Key’s high flexibility and responsiveness give owners the opportunity to use their properties to live or to reinvest. 

Comfortable apartment for multi-generational families

Dual Key is the perfect solution to secure privacy for families of several generations that want to live within reach. The apartment is large enough to provide quiet space for elderly people and a playground for kids.

Aging parents with an adult child who wants to move out, newlywed or high-income couples with their parents, or siblings with families who want separate living spaces, etc. can fulfill their privacy needs in the Dual Key.

2:1 return on investment 

As the apartment comes with 2 separate condos, the owner can live comfortably in a condo and put the other on a short or long term lease to make extra income and easily manage their assets.

The 40m2 studio apartment indeed has great rental potential. This is the preferred type of apartment for young adults from 20-30 years old, including office workers, couples, students, etc. due to the neat design, open space, and reasonable price.

If the owner wants to reinvest the entire apartment, they can run a homestay, co-living space, or rent out both apartments to double their income. Having separate apartments allows the owner to easily modify the interior and fit-out for different targets, from 20 to 30-year-old adults to couples over 30 years old.

With basic furniture and complete kitchen and toilet settings at the price of VND 30 mil per m2, Dual Key at Akari City is the optimal investment for buyers as they will not have to spend a lot on the fit-out.

Trung (45 years old) said: “I missed out on the 56m2 apartment but was introduced to the 80-m2 Dual Key apartment at Akari City by a friend so I wanted to take a look. I decided to buy 1 after doing some maths. If I buy a 56-m2 apartment for VND 2 billion and a 75-m2 apartment for VND 2,5 billion, that would cost me VND 4,5 billion. So I bought a Dual Key for VND 3,5 billion which is similar to the cost of a 2-bedroom in the West, and I saved VND 1 billion to invest in somewhere else.”  

Source: Saigondautu.com.vn