Fire up the border force during Covid-19

Amidst Covid-19 complications in many border areas, the border force is having greater responsibility.

Not only facing the usual difficulties, but they are also held responsible for new challenging missions. The prompt support from the community is an enormous encouragement for the soldiers in the fight against the pandemic.

Diffculties piling up at the border

In early August, we had a chance to visit a few border posts along the Vietnam-China border area. The northern highlands of Vietnam has dangerous terrain, where the roads to border posts are quite bumpy and crooked with some sections flooded, squashed and muddy. From our observation and sharing from the soldiers, we cannot help but admire the high morale of these border soldiers. In the midst of the forest, their temporary shacks with metal roof and cemented floor appear quite sketchy even though they have been upgraded from the bamboo roofs and thin canvas walls, which did not help at all with the extreme weather of the highlands.

Bring motivation and hope to the frontline force

Amidst the pandemic, the border soldiers are facing more challenges as they were assigned new missions to control, detect and prevent illegal immigrants from high-risk countries and to encourage local people to follow safety measures. Limited force and difficult traffic have made this mission a huge challenge for the soldiers. However, obstacles could not stop them.

A representative of Thang Tin border post (Ha Giang) shared that the process was exceptionally difficult due to the typical topography, weather, lack of resources, equipment and the special nature of the mission. In particular, when the second outbreak of Covid-19 hit, unpredictable stormy weather put additional pressure on the soldiers. Despite the obstacles, the border force and local police in Thang Tin, Po lo, Then Chu Phin were still determined to fulfill their duties.

Understanding the concerns and difficulties of frontline forces at the border, businesses and individuals across the country have come together to give them practical and prompt support. In early August, Nam Long Group contributed to Vietnam’s Youth Federation’s program "Share the love and join hands to fight the pandemic" a total of VND 2.5 billion to promptly support frontline forces and people in heavily impacted areas. Special care packages including basic necessities and facilities will be delivered to soldiers who are straining to protect the borderline of our country.

The group representative giving gifts to soldiers at Thang Tin posts

Source: Thanhniennews.com