Nam Long group sponsored rice atms, supporting long an's residents through difficult time

At the beginning of August, Nam Long Group donated Rice ATMs to 13 communes in Ben Luc, Thu Thua, and Tan Tru districts in Long An along with more than 70 tons of rice. Nam Long has shown effort in sharing the difficulties and contributing resources to poor households impacted by the ongoing pandemic. Through that, Nam Long has contributed to support the economy, reduce the social burden, and build a thriving community in Long An.

Talking about the motivation and determination for the project, Duong Tan Vinh, Nam long Group’s Legal and Project Development Director said: “ The economy, the society and the environment are the 3 cornerstones of a sustained business. Over the years, Nam Long has always focused on the balancing relationship between these three factors not only to make a profit but also to contribute to the country and to the local area viawith ideas meaningful and practical program.”

In the first half of 2020, Long An has suffered heavy consequences due to the impact of Covid-19. Accordingly, the number of employees whose labor contracts are postponed or terminated because of the pandemic has soaked to over 4846 people. In response to the situation, 2 Rice ATMs have been piloted in Ben Luc district to help people but indeed have not yet met the acutal demand. 

nam-long-group-sponsored-rice-atms-supporting-long-ans-residents-through-difficult-time (4)Nguyen Van Duoc, Deputy Secretary of the Long An’s Provincial Party Committee visiting the local community. 

nam-long-group-sponsored-rice-atms-supporting-long-ans-residents-through-difficult-time (5)

Nam Long’s Rice ATMs have been serving the local residents in Long An. 

nam-long-group-sponsored-rice-atms-supporting-long-ans-residents-through-difficult-time (2)

In response to the call of the local government, Nam Long decided to sponsor an additional of 13 Rice ATMs and 70 tons of rice, widely distributed across the communes of Ben Luc, Tan Tru and Thu Thua districts. The ATMs not only impact immediately as a source of essential necessity for the local people but also act as a motivational call for other businesses to help provide Long An residents with enough food and good health to overcome the challenging time. 

nam-long-group-sponsored-rice-atms-supporting-long-ans-residents-through-difficult-time (6)In An Thanh, Ben Luc, local residents can withdraw 5 kg of rice each time on Thursdays.

nam-long-group-sponsored-rice-atms-supporting-long-ans-residents-through-difficult-time (1)

Commenting on the meaning of the Rice ATM project sponsored by Nam Long Group, Nguyen Van Duoc, Deputy Secretary of the Provincial Party Committee of Long An province said: “The majority of Long An’s residents have been more or less impacted by Covid-19. The provincial government and I, personally think that this project is a humanitarian activity, sharing difficulties with people in the 3 districts, helping to stabilize the people’s mentality as well as the social security in these areas. Hopefully, in the coming time, the Group will continue to have more meaningful activities, allowing the local people to live a better life.” 

nam-long-group-sponsored-rice-atms-supporting-long-ans-residents-through-difficult-time (3)Residents in Luong Hoa, Ben Luc are waiting for their turn to withdraw rice from the ATM.

Nam Long has pioneered in making contributions to the community across the country through many meaningful projects and activities. EhomeS social housing program for low-income people,  annual "Swing For Dreams" scholarship program supporting poor university students in HCMC, etc. in recent years are solid evidence. In addition, many voluntary activities including supporting poor households, donating charity houses, taking care of the soldiers in border regions, and giving gifts to children in remote areas  have been carried on by Nam Long every year.

Source: Nam Long Group