Akari city inished earlier than expected, with phase 1 officially topped out

On August 6, 2020, the investors, including Nam Long, Hankyu Hanshin, Nishi Nippon Railroad (Japan), attended the topping out ceremony for phase 1 of the 8.5ha Akari City project on Vo Van Kiet boulevard, Binh Tan district.

akari-city-inished-earlier-than-expected-with-phase-1-officially-topped-out-1After 11 months of construction, phase 1 of Akari City consisting of 6 apartment blocks, with each block includes 1 basement, 21 levels, equivalent to more than 1,800 apartments, is officially accomplished. The next stage will be carried out to complete the apartment interior and private facilities, committing to on-time delivery in Q3/2021. Since the construction was carried throughout the pandemic, the investors worked closely with Cotecccons to comply with safety and risk management, and to ensure that the project is finished on schedule with the best quality, increasing the peace of mind for house buyers.

Nam Long’s representative shared that at the moment,  the commitment to delivery date with the impact of Covis-19 is the biggest concern of customers. The 2-week early completion of Akari City results from the great effort of Coteccons and the investors to keep the promise as well as enforcing the trust of customers. Besides, this is essential evidence of investors’ financial capacity and their ability to manage investment, project development by standardizing contractors and products, as well as answering to the right demand.


Linked to Vo Van Kiet Boulevard, the Akari City township with an area of 8.5 hectares, has a strategic position for both living and trading. Akari City is the fifth joint project by Nam Long and the two Japanese investors who have more than 100 years of experience in real estate development. Akari City is designed based on the concept "A city of light" with a complete range of commercial and service facilities for living, dining, entertainment, and education needs of the residents as well as people living in the neighborhood and contributing to the overall development of Binh Tan district.

With transparent legality and prices from VND 32 million to 35 million per m2,  Akari City is captivating customer’s attention to various designs of the Flora affordable condominium, which could satisfy the different needs of each customer.  

For example, the 56-m2 - 75-m2 Flora studio apartment is designed for single adult, young families; the upgraded version with total area from 79 m2 to 100 m2 is suitable for families that need more spacious living space; the 121-m2 limited edition 2-in-1 Dual Key is more fitted to a multi-generational family that want both sharing space and privacy or to do a homestay and co-living space service; and 3-floor garden apartment for those who prefer a private garden.

The investor said that the ground floor commercial properties along the 42-m wide commercial avenue would be brought to market soon.

Source: Nam Long Group