Akari's unique product collection will answer to a variety of customer demands

The collection of unique apartments with transparent legality at the "multi-utility residential” Akari City can respond to the distinctive demand of each customer. 

Unique product collection offering various options

As a collaborative project of Nam Long, Hankyu Hanshin, and Nishi Nippon Railroad, Akari City derived a unique apartment collection which followed the Flora standard and the Japanese style with cozy and flexible space, from the valuable 100-year experience of the two Japanese investors and actual tested practice at previously successful Flora projects. Flora apartments at Akari City are sized from 56m2 to 121m2, with 2 to 3 bedrooms, and have different designs to suit various needs.

The standard Flora which has a total area of 56m2 to 75m2, 2 bedrooms, 1 to 2 bathrooms, is a small and smart apartment with affordable prices for single adults or young families that need private living space.

The upgraded Flora has a total area of 79m2 to 100m2, 2 to 3 bedrooms, 2 toilets, suited with families that need a spacious, comfortable and better quality home or want a separate room for their kids. 

phien-ban-gioi-han-akari-city-dual-keyLimited-edition Dual Key with a multi-door design for multi-generational families to live separately in the same house.

Limited-edition Dual Key with a total area of 121m2, breakthrough design and flexible usability can be used for a 3-generation family or homestay business, sharing the house but still maintaining absolute privacy. Akari's Dual Key apartment basically consists of two areas with separate doors, connected by a double door, including a large standard apartment (1 living room, 1 kitchen, 1 balcony, 1 plot, 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms) and a free space that can be converted to a studio apartment. The 2-in-1 design ensures both connection and privacy for multi-generational families, with big kids or frequent visitors.

Garden apartments are located on the 3rd floors. These apartments are similar to other Flora apartments, but with an extra space for a DIY garden. The size of the garden varies upon the position of the apartment. Some units have almost 40m2 gardens and separate fences. In addition, the special feature of these apartments is the direct entrance to the common areas on the third floors, such as the Japanese garden, internal garden, and outdoor fitness area.


The large and convenient common areas for Garden apartment’s owners on the 3rd floors

Affordable and safe to own

Akari’s current average price is only 32 million per m2, notably competitive for an "affordable" project in the inner city. The payment term is also “breathable” with only 50% deposit required during construction and split payments available after receiving the house. This helps reduce pressure for families that need time to balance financial resources. Besides, several banks are providing loan packages with fixed interest rates at 7.9% in the first 12 months, or 8.6% in the first 24 months for a maximum of 70% of property value, for max 20 years.

Thus with the initial cost of only 30% of the apartment value, the buyer can improve their living quality with a great apartment in the soon-to-be "mini-city" that comes with a great variety of facilities. Indeed, at Akari City, more than 26,000 square meters are reserved for a complex of commercial services and offices. Shophouses, shopping centers, supermarkets, office buildings, The Light square, food street, walking street, education street, green trees, etc. will all be integrated into the 42-meter-wide commercial boulevard. Following the Flora "condominium" standard, 6 apartment blocks in phase 1 are built into a closed-loop, completely disconnected with separate facilities and class A services such as 24-hour security, fire protection system, CCTV, public facilities, including children playground, swimming pool, gym, spa, library, clubhouse, Japanese garden, etc.


The facility in the condominium complex is reserved for Akari City residents. 

The construction was carried out by Coteccons at the end of 2019. Until now, the 6 blocks of phase 1 have attained 19 floors and will be topped out in Q3. The construction progress has gone beyond expectations despite the significant impacts of Covid-19, proving the investor’s willingness to finish and hand over the projects as scheduled in Q3/2021.

The investor has also planned to roll out the commercial properties along the 42-meter-wide commercial avenue shortly.

Akari City - the City of Light
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