Nam Long group (HOSE: NLG) presented on Vietnam's top 50 list for the second time

Forbes Vietnam stated that the total value of the top 50 brands in Vietnam by 2020 worth  USD 12.6 billion, of which the real estate sector accounts for more than USD 672.2 million ( increased by USD 27.2 million compared to the USD 645 million in 2019) with the contribution of 4 leading brands in the industry, namely Vinhomes, Vincom Retail, Novaland and Nam Long.

Real Estate Companies named on Vietnam’s Top 50 in 2020 list. (Source: Forbes Vietnam)

Though the domestic and global economy was heavily affected by Covid-19, Forbes  Vietnam gave positive comment that the companies listed on Vietnam’s Top 50 Brands in 2020 have a strong foundation and branding that plays a key role in the industry and create large revenue, so they are expected to continue creating leverage amidst the current challenging economy.

The Top 50 list is grouped into industries with most companies operating for more than 10 years, which is a sufficient time to make their reputation. Forbes Vietnam created the list using Forbes (USA)’s method to calculate a brand’s contribution to business performance. The most valuable brands are brands that achieve a large turnover in the industries where they play a leading role, and with products that have high coverage and awareness among consumers. Forbes Vietnam calculates pre-tax income and loan interest, then determines the value of intangible assets based on the company's financial statements. The final brand value is determined by the industry's regional average P/E ratio. For unlisted companies, Forbes compares them with companies of the same industries and have the same size to determine their brand value.

Listed on both Vietnam’s Top 50 Brands list (for the 2nd time) and Top 50 Listed Companies list (for the 5th time) by Forbes Vietnam, Nam Long continues to prove its reputation as one of the leading companies in the real estate industry. Despite the tough market conditions as a result of Covid-19 outbreak, Nam Long Group (HOSE: NLG) continued to record positive sales activities.


Late July, Nam Long successfully organized the Launching Ceremony of detached villas (from VND 8 billion) in the compound of Aquaria subdivision and luxury collection (Grand Villa from VND 10 billion & Riverfront Grand Villa from VND 16 to 30 billion) in the Rivera 1 subdivision at Waterpoint. In general, sales from the beginning of 2020 from 2 projects Akari City (Binh Tan) and Waterpoint (Long An) have reached over VND 2,340 billion, corresponding to more than 650 products including  Flora and Valora condos, detached villas, duplex villas, garden townhouses, commercial townhouses and 2 new luxury product lines Grand Villa and Riverfront Villa. In the first half of 2020, NLG recorded VND 658 billion in revenue, VND 179 billion in net profit and short-term prepayment of over VND 1,712 billion.

In the second half of 2020, Nam Long will continue to launch new products to the market, including a housing saving program for 600 canal apartments of Flora Mizuki at the 26-ha Mizuki Park township, commercial products on the ground floor along the 42-m wide commercial boulevard at the 8.5-ha Akari City and luxury collection in Aquaria subdivision of Waterpoint phase 1.

In addition to expanding the housing sector this year, NLG also promotes the development of commercial and service real estate to maintain consistent profits in response to different economic situations. The company has recently signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Keppel Land Mall Management Vietnam of Keppel Land Group to diversify the facility ecosystem, adding value to the Waterpoint township and setting ground for future partnership in upcoming projects. Regarding corporate governance, Nam Long is also making strong movements with leading international consulting firms such as Deloitte (UK) consulting on ERP system, PwC (UK) consulting on ERM system, Vanto Group (USA) advising on corporate culture development and McKinsey (USA) developing strategy for the next 10 years.

Nguồn: Forbesvietnam.com.vn