Customers are fascinated by the riverside city

Around the world, people have been intrigued by many riverside cities such as Niigata, Paris or Amsterdam. In Vietnam, the riverside city Waterpoint is also being built on the Vam Co Dong River with the contribution of many international corporations. 

Living space in Waterpoint riverside city is covered in green and filled with peace. 

Connecting the people with nature

The common point of these livable cities is making human the center of development and growth with respect to the nature. Visitors coming to these cities, captivated by its magnificent architecture, are often more overwhelmed with the natural heritage that has been taken care and preserved overtime. 

Determined to make Waterpoint a prosperous, worth living city on the Vam Co Dong, Nam Long has collaborated with leading local and foreign real estate developers. The project has the scale of a city with an area of 355 hectares located on Provincial Road 830 in Ben Luc, Long An. The three sides of the project are embraced by the Vam Co Dong with beautiful scenery, fresh air and an eco-system that is rarely found in urban Ho Chi Minh City. 

A part of the river park at Waterpoint. 

Due to such unique terrain, the developers have researched carefully and scientifically about the soil, nature, local culture, and the residing demand as well as forecasted the future trend to ensure a sustainable growth. The tree 65-hectare tree coverage that seems to be a luxury these days is a valuable gift for the nature-loving residents of Waterpoint.  Waterpoint has 5.8 km of river border, 8 km of canals and a system of 6 eco-parks including more than 25 hectares of central park, 8.6 hectares of fresh water bay park, 29 hectares of preserve river park, scenic park along the canal, interior park and lovely gardens in each property... With a population density of only 84 people per hectare, Waterpoint city will be filled up by nature, fresh air and peacefulness.   Even the technical and social infrastructure systems at Waterpoint were very logically and synchronously built by the developer, bringing a complete living experience for the residents. At Waterpoint, families will be able to relax, entertain, shop, eat clean, socialize, love and share…

Large utility system for the community

Having a size of a city, Waterpoint also owns an all-in-one utility system, serving the big community of all ages and interests. The system could serve up to 30,000 people at the same time, and include 25 hectares of multi-level education institutes from preschool to international standard university; 3 hectares of medical construction; 3 hectares of Country Club with tennis court, soccer field, gym, conference room; 8 hectares for outdoor sports such as jogging track, bike trail, playground; 8.6 hectares of high class marina bay; 1,5 hectares for church and temple, 1.3 hectares for bus facitlities and more than 20 hectares for commercial, entertainment facilities, riverside clubhouse, research center, service center, cultural house, community house, office area work…

On the outside, Waterpoint is also well connected with major facilities in Ho Chi Minh City. Within 25 minutes, residents can travel to the South Saigon metropolis where commercial, educational, healthcare, entertainment and conference centers could be conveniently found. It would take the same amount of time to travel to the West Saigon where major shopping and healthcare centers are located, including Aeon Mall, MM Mega Market, City Hospital, Trieu An...

Many customers choose Waterpoint for a modern but also environment-friendly living space with a complete utility system.

In comparison with other satellite cities of Ho Chi Minh City, Waterpoint has a perfect traffic interconnection including Nguyen Van Linh Boulevard, Highway 1, Vo Van Kiet Boulevard, Ho Chi Minh City - Trung Luong Highway, Ben Luc - Long Thanh highway, Cho Dem river road... In the future, the area will also be connected with express bus routes to the city center, Ben Thanh station… This transportation system will be a great added value of Waterpoint as the city becomes the intersection connecting the two important economic regions, i.e. Ho Chi Minh City and the Mekong Delta.

Per HCMC’s planning, the majority of people will move out to satellite cities. They will travel daily to the city center for work and school using modern transport system and return home to a peaceful living space with their families and friends, and the fresh air. Having 355 hectares designed and structured by international planners, Waterpoint is proof of the great focus and enthusiasm of the investors in giving the community safe residency and responding to the urgent need of the society.  

(Source: Dantri.com.vn)