Covid-19 has put a question to many city dwellers: How to live well?

The phenomenal "Covid-19" pandemic happening from the beginning of 2020 has not only changed the movement of the real estate market but also the house buying behavior of many customers.  

The world is now entering a “new normal” and life is still carried on. On the positive side, Covid-19 has taught us a valuable lesson that money is nothing compared to our health and the house that our family lives is the safest cocoon. The house is not only a shelter but also a peaceful place, where love is nurtured and happiness is created.

The problem: How to live well?

Many real estate experts have identified Covid-19 pandemic as a test for Vietnam’s real estate market. At the moment, projects focusing on health and utility system will attract many customers. Owning a house in the city or a luxury car will not be enough. It is also necessary to have a green and healthy living. This is the new measurement of the “new normal”.

The demand for green and healthy living of families is increasing after the pandemic of families

This is understandable as a township with a complete facility system including a supermarket, school, sports grounds, park, entertainment, etc. provide people a safer and more comfortable living.  People tend to spend more time at home with their families, reading, talking, gardening, exercising, and cooking, etc. to cultivate a sustainable lifestyle. To live well, city dwellers, besides building a healthy lifestyle, tend to look for a living place in a “healthy” township. 

Green coverage - the energy that creates the “new normal” life

Putting a lot of dedication and effort to create a new symbol for living, it takes Nam Long 15 years to prepare for the world-class waterfront township, Waterfront. Waterpoint’s outstanding feature compared to other projects, that overwhelmed many people is the value of green and healthy living.

Nam Long Group (NLG) cooperates with Nishi Nippon Rail Road, TBS Group and Tan Hiep to develop the riverside city Waterpoint

The Waterpoint is located in Ben Luc district, Long An province - the western gateway of HCMC and has a total area of 355 hectares. Having three sides covered by the Vam Co Dong and a construction density of only 23%, 275 hectares of Waterpoint is reserved for green development, water surface, and utilities. The highlights include a 29-hectare riverside park, 25-hectare central park, landscape park alongside the 8.2-kilometer canal, an 8.6-hectare freshwater bay, etc. bringing a clean and refreshing living environment to future residents. The vast green patches of trees, rivers, and water will allow future house owners to blend in with nature just by stepping outside of their doors. 

Comprehensive wellness from good physical health and mental health

Not only green and healthy living, the residents will also enjoy the space and utilities that promote exercising to improve health and immunity. In addition to 3 hectares for healthcare facilities, the township has many playgrounds for residents of all ages to exercise and socialise. Elderly people could do morning exercise or take a walk on the shadowed streets, young people could go for a run or do sports in the stadium, badminton court, tennis court, gym, sports club, etc., children could enjoy playing and exploring nature in safe playgrounds, and families can share relaxing moments at the luxury marina, or participate in various sports activities such as boating or swimming on the weekends. Residents with common interests can meet up at restaurants and clubs along the river and enjoy a variety of food from local to international cuisines, or grab a coffee with friends at the trendy cafes.  

The construction of 3-hectare weekends sports and entertainment country club at Waterpoint is almost complete. 

House designs for healthy living are also parts of the planning of Waterpoint City. Each property from the Valora product line, including garden townhouses, single villas, and duplex villas, has a garden. The oversize glass windows give a delusion that the indoor space is connected to the outside, allowing the house to be filled with garden, light, and fresh air from the outside. This is a great space for the whole family to relax, build memories, and enjoy life.

A relaxing living space filled with love and enjoyment for the entire family. 

Well-invested and on-time construction, the high-class city is gradually shaped next to the Vam Co Dong. Its houses will soon become the perfect combination of green and healthy living and the source of energy of a healthy community.   

(Source: CafeF)