Investors React Quikly To Changes in Real Estate Market

Known for the ability to quickly seize the opportunities, reactions of investors in HCMC to Waterpoint project immediately draw the attention of other investors in large markets such as Hanoi and Da Nang ...

The "generous" investment habit of HCMC people

In an interview about the taste of investors, Duong Duc Hien - Director of Housing Business Division at Savills Hanoi pointed out that, from 10 years ago, HCMC people have had a good understanding of financial leverage and been familiar with bank loans for house buying. They did not hesitate with properties that cost more than what they could afford, in return, they used loan very effectively to invest as soon as the opportunity knocked at the door.

Like the personalities of the people in HCMC, this investment style derives from the characteristics of culture, society and the leading economy that is dynamic and flexible in almost every field. From this ground, the development of thoughts, trading style and business strategies of investors from HCMC are also different, they indeed react more quickly to information and opportunities.  

As a result, in a hunting battle products with higher profitability, investors from HCMC put their interests in projects with not only advantages of surrounding areas, infrastructure, but also projects that meet the criteria that facilities must be integrated and fully built-in the project premises. This proves their ability to capture the taste of customers since this internationally trendy living style will eventually become big in vietnamese market. Additionally, the project must be developed by investors with adequate capacity, financial resources as well as experience since not many investors can fully satisfy the requirements of this type of real estate. 

Hence, when it was first introduced, the Waterpoint “Riverside City” quickly stirred up the market in south west HCMC. According to experts, investors from HCMC have proven their quick reactions to the market as this product was introduced even before the trend to decentralization, in the situation which infrastructure development and overpopulation have been great challenges for HCMC  (every 5.5 years, HCMC’s population increases by 1 million people).

The project is developed by Nam Long Group – a familiar brand for Southern investors and well known for the most sought-after townships. As soon as information about the sales was released, the project has quickly become the highlight of regional market.

Rivera 1 & Aquaria divisions opened for sales in phase 1 of Waterpoint

Going with the flow

After investors in HCMC made their moves, investors from Hanoi, Da Nang ... quickly gained more confidence and made immediate decisions to invest. In the meanwhile, the project’s possibly high profitability in the future was also very convincing for investors to bring money in.

The undeniable attraction of this project first comes from its strategic location, i.e. at the intersection of Ho Chi Minh City and the entire Southwestern region. Waterpoint is one of the few projects connected directly to Ho Chi Minh City - Trung Luong Expressway, Ben Luc - Long Thanh Expressway, Ho Chi Minh City's Ring Road 4, Vo Van Kiet Boulevard. The project is highly rated for its economic and trading values and for its well invested infrastructure to make the best of one in 7 HCMC’s satellite cities.

Many experts said furthermore that people moving to satellite cities will be indispensable in the near future and Waterpoint will be one of the projects to catch this wave. Specifically, the population density at Waterpoint city is considered to be quite ideal at 84 people per hectare, with 10,000 households (30,000 people) living on a total area of 355 hectares.

As claimed by the investor’s representative, this is equivalent to population density in Singapore (82 people per hectare), the top modern country in Asia, and is certainly outperforming the center of HCMC (District 1: 240 people / ha - District 5: 440 people / ha - Tan Binh District: 210 people / ha). This guarantees a standard of living that would be very close to sustained development in developed countries in the world. Becoming a resident in Waterpoint is not an opportunity opened everyone but only for those who understand the market and the opportunity.

Having a space large enough for sizable utility system, the project did not only serve the purpose of decentralisation but also allowed the investor to implement the strategies that were impossible to do inside the city. There are 6 riveria parks within the project, surrounded by 5.8 km of riverways, along with dozens of hectares of vegetal reservoir, painting a harmonious natural picture and creating an ideal living space for residents.

The internal utility system invested by Nam Long consists of a series of high-end facilities such as Country Club, weekend club, swimming pool, floor, children's playground, private sports grounds at each block. The project also has water sports centers; pagodas and churches responding to the spiritual practices of the residents; internal and inter-regional bus network; luxury marinas ... All facilities contribute to creating a well connected community; a modern township with perfect connection to the city center, and to making a better dream home for the residents.

In addition, Nam Long has removed investors’ financial bottleneck by setting selling price from only VND 2.3 billion (VAT exclusive), equivalent to an initial investment of only VND 700 million (30% of the house value). Regardless of the habits of caution, investors do not have many barriers in making an investment decision. Besides, the compensation process for site clearance being completed by 99.98% and the issuance of red books also added confidence for even the most discerning and prudent investors

WATERPOINT Riverside City

Investment opportunity for Northern pioneering investors

Phase 1: RIVERA 1 & AQUARIA divisions with garden townhouses, single villas and duplex villas.

Selling price: from VND 2,3 billion (VAT exclusive)

Hotline (North):

Sales agent: Weland Real Estate Development & Trading Co. Ltd.

  Website: https://waterpoint.com.vn