“Offshore fishing” in real estate investment – hesitation or action

Geographical distance is no longer a challenge for travelling, gathering and trading. In the real estate industry, remote projects are receiving more and more attention from investors, and location has indeed become a secondary factor at potential projects that require investors to make quick decisions. 

Investors from Hanoi do not mind “offshore fishing”

Statistics from researchers in recent years proved that 80% of investors from Hanoi have poured money into resort properties in Da Nang, Phu Quoc… This number has proved the willingness to invest into good products in potential and profitable markets, regardless of its distance from the capital. 

In a time when there is scarcity of products to invest in major cities such as Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi, in addition to rising legal concerns for investing in resort properties,  many investors from Hanoi have no hesitation to spend time searching for new and potential markets. Currently, investors are making investment decisions which are no longer based on project’s location and distance to the city but rather depending on who the investors are, how the products are developed and what the potential growth is... Having considered these factors, investors from Hanoi are paying great attention to the satellite cities of Ho Chi Minh City.

With many outstanding criteria, low-rise properties at Waterpoint eco township located in the Southwestern Ho Chi Minh City have gradually become convincing to and creating a big wave with investors from Hanoi. 

The advantages of top class project in the Southwest of Ho Chi Minh City

According to Nguyen Viet Hung, General Director of Weland Real Estate Business & Development Co., Ltd., sales agency for Waterpoint in the North, Waterpoint meets the investors’ requirements for high investor profile, strong legitimacy, potential location and unique products.  

The first outstanding advantage of Waterpoint The first outstanding advantage of Waterpoint eco township includes the reputation of investors and legal commitments, which are used as a guarantee for the reliability of the products. Currently, 99.98% of the compensation for site clearance has been completed and the project’s red book has been issued. Therefore, buyers can be assured of the legitimacy of Waterpoint, which was also the biggest concern of investors. 

Besides, Waterpoint is developed by Nam Long group, leading corporation in Vietnam with 27 years of experience in township development through partnerships with Japanese and Vietnamese companies, and a strong economic potential that could satisfy the careful investors from Hanoi. 

The next highlight of Waterpoint is the location with great potential for growth. Located on the connecting route between Ho Chi Minh City and the Mekong Delta, which are the two most important economic regions of the country, accounting for 65% of the national GDP. The southwest region of Ho Chi Minh City, where Waterpoint is located, is considered as a key area for investment and a vertex of the Golden triangle to obtain population from Ho Chi Minh City. Many policies have been put in place by the government to tighten management and properly plan for road system and infrastructure development. These are motivation for investors from Hanoi. Indeed, the price increase is obvious as the overall price in the area has gone up by 1,5 to 2 times compared to when Waterpoint started in 2018. 

Especially, the investor has a long-term vision for Waterpoint which gradually transformed it into a unique project with more distinct advantages compared to other projects in the area. The riverside location is not only a competitive advantage but also carries a favorable feng shui meaning for owner’s life and business. 

The construction density is lowered at 22,7%, with the rest of the area reserved for trees and lakes. Waterpoint has set a new standard of living in the Southwest of Ho Chi Minh City, and will possibly be the center of a thriving community and busy commercial. In particular, the low-rise properties at Waterpoint are very diverse, including garden townhouses, single villa, duplex villa… priced from VND 2,3 billion (VAT exclusive). Accordingly, with VND 700 million initial payout (30% of the total cost), buyers can own a house in one of the best smart townships in the area. Reasonable investment in an area with great development potential, promising price increases and good liquidity is the reason investors from Hanoi making purchase at Waterpoint without any hesitation.   

  Riverside city Waterpoint
  Selling price: from VND 2,3 billion (VAT exclusive)
  Hotline (North): 1800 6085
  Sales Agency for the North: Weland Real estate Development and Trading Co. Ltd. 
  Website: https://waterpoint.com.vn

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