Four outstanding advantages of Waterpoint riverside city

With lots of advantages and unique selling points including size, utility system… Waterpoint township has been attracting many buyers for living and investing purposes since first introduction in last July. 

Partial view of Waterpoint township from the Marina and Vam Co Dong river. 

The size of a city

Waterpoint, with a total area of 355 hectares, is located right in front of Provincial Highway 830, near the intersection with Ho Chi Minh City - Trung Luong highway, Ben Luc town, and Long An province. The other three sides of the township are contoured by Vam Co Dong river creating beautiful scenery, fresh breeze and a unique ecological area for nature lovers.

Starting from these advantages, Waterpoint was designed by Nam Long to become a riverside city with natural ecosystem but still ensuring modernity. Some highlights consist of the 5,8-kilometer river system following by the 8,2-kilometer canal flowing into each complex and finally the six layers of parks, including 25-hectare central park, 8,6-hectare freshwater bay park, 29 hectares of riverside parks, scenic parks along the canals, separate parks of each complex and private gardens.

Waterpoint is like a small city which completely has facilities and amenities to “all-in-one” service the residents. These include schools, hospitals, indoor and outdoor sports facilities, water sports complex, commercial centers, service ports, marina, public road systems with 3 separate lanes for bicyclists, runners and people using specialized electronic devices, children's playground, outdoor gym, exhibition center, office buildings, church, pagoda ...

Many added values

Waterpoint is highly rated by specialists for its strategic location within 30-min drive to the center of Ho Chi Minh City. This is the gateway to Ho Chi Minh City and Mekong delta, the two major economic centers of Vietnam, meaning there will be many opportunities for the town to get investment and grow its economy. Ben Luc town is also one of the seven satellite urban areas of Ho Chi Minh City and therefore prioritized for urban development and infrastructure. In particular, big corporations such as Becamex, VSIP, Vingroup ... are paying attention to the North Ben Luc area where there will be many townships, industrial parks and value-added facilities. 

Only 30 min away from bustling downtown Ho Chi Minh City, Waterpoint offers an natural and ecofriendly living environment. 

Waterpoint is also positioned on the main waterway running from the Mekong Delta to the downtown Ho Chi Minh City, and connectable with the two important international ports: Hiep Phuoc port and Long An port. The combined system of roadways and waterways offers Waterpoint many opportunities for local and international trade. 

Prioritize living quality

At the moment, urban areas in Ho Chi Minh City are under construction compression and the high population density is putting pressure on the infrastructure system. Therefore, the demand for quiet, ecofriendly but still comfortable living environment also increases. Nam Long investor has grasped this trend by inviting leading domestic and international consultancy and planning units to work together to create a satellite city with many advantages. Accordingly, Waterpoint has a population density of only 84 people per hectare, compared to 210 people per hectare in Tan Binh, 240 people per hectare in District 1 and 440 people per hectare in District 5. Most of the project area is devoted to park systems, landscapes and all-in-one utility models. Here, all needs from work, study, entertainment, health care, community exchanges ... of all residents are satisfied without having to go outside.

Waterpoint is located in a thriving and convenient area for road and water transportation. 

Diversified and affordable products

Waterpoint's products are highly diverse, from garden townhouses, commercial townhouses, apartments to duplex villas, single villas, mansions and riverside mansions. palaces. Every design optimizes space, maximizes usability with indoor and outdoor gardens, parks and synchronizes the community. Such variety of products satisfies different living and investing needs of buyers. On the other hand, the price starts from only VND 2.3 billion for townhouse, suitable for the majority of buyers. 

(Source: muabannhadat.vn)