Waterpoint Riverside City promises to vastly improve residents' quality of life

With its strategic position at the south-western gateway of HCM City and a number of outstanding features in terms of scale, utility eco-system, and diversification of products, Waterpoint, a riverside city, is attracting both customers who want to buy houses to live in and as an investment. 

Based on a unique natural advantage of being surrounded by the Vàm Cỏ Đông River, Waterpoint is planned by Nam Long as a "riverside city" to preserve the natural beauty and at the same time create a comfortable modern residential space to bring true value to future residents as well as attractive sights for local residents. 

At the Waterpoint riverside city, people will see a familiar image of the south-western region of cool rivers, with 5.8km of waterways surrounding it and 8km of canal bringing water inside, but also a modern city with sustainable planning. 

The city will provide an all-in-one utility eco-system for residents with all modern services and facilities to enhance the quality of life: education at all levels, healthcare, sports, trade and services, private clubs, administrative agencies, a pagoda, and a church. 

Waterpoint, situated just 30 minutes from the heart of HCM City, offers a harmonious living space between nature and a modern city.

Improving quality of life 

HCM City is struggling to provide public administration, education and transport infrastructure, and its living environment is at an alarmingly low level. 

Urban areas in the city have a high population density: 210 people per hectare in Tân Bình Dis-trict, 240 in District 1 and 440 in District 5. The population density at Waterpoint will only be around 84 people per hectare. 

The developer, Nam Long, has consulted leading local and international planning experts to create a satellite city in HCM City that will improve the quality of life, with 65 per cent of the land dedicated to parks, landscapes and utilities in an all-in-one model. 

The most impressive feature is the 5.8km natural river system, which links with 8.2km of canals flowing through the city and six river water park systems, including a central park of more than 25ha, a 8.6ha freshwater bay park, a 29ha riverside park with diversity and abundance of flora, a landscaped park system along the canal, parks in each area, and a miniature park in each home. 

The developer has paid special importance to creating a complete utility eco-system for a comfortable city to provide a full package of facilities and services meeting all the requirements of residents. 

Here, all the needs of all residents with respect to working, studying, entertainment, healthcare, and community are satisfied without having to go outside. 

Its comprehensive range of facilities and amenities include schools, hospitals, indoor and outdoor sports areas, water sports areas, commercial centres, a service port, a marina, community roads with three lanes for cyclists, joggers and specialised electronic devices, children’s play area, outdoor gym, exhibition / cultural centres, working area, a church, and a pagoda. 

The main products of Waterpoint’s phase 1 are Valora townhouses and villas, which will be launched in the market in the fourth quarter of 2019.

Factors adding value 

Experts hail Waterpoint for its strategic location just 30 minutes from downtown HCM City. This is the gateway to two dynamic economic hubs of the nation, HCM City and the Mekong Delta, and thus offers many opportunities to attract investment and economic and urban development. 

Bến Lức Town is one of seven satellite urban areas of HCM City and has been prioritised for urban and infrastructure development. The northern part of Bến Lức in particular is attracting the attention of many large corporations such as Becamex, VSIP, Vingroup, and others. 

In future, this will be a place of convergence of urban areas, industrial parks and other utilities, which will add value to real estate here. 

Waterpoint is also located on the arterial waterway route between the Mekong Delta and downtown HCM City. From here, it is also possible to connect with two important international ports, Hiệp Phước and Long An.  This convergence of overland and waterway transport networks  gives Waterpoint great opportunity for doing domestic and international trade. 

Diversified products 

Waterpoint’s main product in the first phase is Valora, in line with a variety of product types like garden townhouses, commercial townhouses, apartments, duplex villas, single villas, villas, and villas by the river. 

All are designed to optimise space and maximise utility, with houses in gardens, houses with indoor gardens and houses inside the park set in a harmonious community. This range of products fully meets the diverse needs of customers to live in or invest. 

Besides, experts consider Waterpoint’s prices as very reasonable, and so the project is expected to sell out quickly. 

For a price of VNĐ2.3 billion (US$99,039), one can only buy an apartment in the city, but here they can become the owner of a garden house. For VNĐ 3.6-5.1billion ($155,103-219,730), they can own a duplex villa or a single villa filled with greenery. 

These prices meet the demand for accommodation as well as investment of most customers. 

Instead of living in a cramped space and suffering dust pollution and traffic jams daily, people could live at Waterpoint Riverside City and improve their quality of life

(Source: vietnamnews.vn)