Get overwhelmed with Waterpoint An Thanh Ben Luc Long An

Nam Long has been planned for the Waterpoint township project for the past 15 years, in which Waterpoint Ben Luc Long An is one of the most attractive township development key projects in Long An province. The unique selling points of this project includes its location, more than 90 hectares of river and canals housing rich native vegetation, all-in-one utility system, community space and its delicate Japanese style. 

Overview of Waterpoint An Thanh, Ben Luc, Long An province with three sides contoured by Vam Co Dong river, and the other side bordered by newly upgraded and expanded Provincial Road 830.

Waterpoint township set new standards to township development 

With a total size of 355 hectares located on the frontage of Provincial Road 830 which is contiguous with Ho Chi Minh City, Waterpoint Long An has become a model project by using the scenic Vam Co Dong river as the focal point of its design to bring in the fresh, cool and nature-friendly living environment. Backed by a group of investors including Nam Long, TBS Group, Tan Hiep Investment Co., Ltd. and especially the Japanese leading corporations such as Nishi Nippon Railroad and JOIN - the government-private sponsored fund in Japan, this project development aimed to build a riverside city that has high-class facilities in response to the needs for living, working, studying and recreation of the residents. 

The investors particularly targeted to establish a new benchmark for township development in Vietnam, providing the community a real home with higher living standard. This is the reason why the investors have hosted various design competitions which were joined by top architects in the world from Australia, Spain, Germany, Singapore and Malaysia and judged by a council of examiners with plenty experience in township planning, architecture and design…

It only takes 45-minute drive from the center of Ho Chi Minh City or 30 minutes from Phu My Hung to Waterpoint An Thanh, Long An. This project brings up a completely different living experience, allowing its residents to enjoy more natural, comfortable and better quality of life. Eventhough size up to 355 hectares, Waterpoint township only sites 10,000 products including shophouses, garden townhouses, duplex villas, single villas and mansions. If there is an average of 3 persons in each family, Waterpoint is expecting to house 30,000 people, which keeps the population density as low as 84 people per hectare, compare to current rate at 240 people per hectare in district 1, 440 people per hectare in district 5.  Taking advantage of the 5,8-kilometer long Vam Co riverside, the Investors reserved a lot of space for utilities. Some highlights could be the 8,2-kilometer canal flowing into each complex and the six parks, including 25-hectare central park, 8,6-hectare freshwater bay park, 29 hectares of riverside parks, scenic parks stretching along 4,8-kilometer canal, separate parks of each complex and private gardens.   

Besides elements of an ideal living, the Investors also paid great attention to essential elements of a township such as facilities for working, recreation, administration, healthcare and trading. In terms of working, Waterpoint residents can work at office area, hospital, commercial center, exhibition center, school or easily travel to the Ho Chi Minh City center or the industrial zones nearby by connecting bus from the township ... For trading and services, Waterpoint An Thanh has a shopping center retail area and cargo port. For recreation, there is a yacht club, a cultural center, an indoor and outdoor sportsground, a playground, etc. For education, there are public and international school system from primary to university. For healthcare, there are hospital, health center, sports centers and parks. For making connections, meet and exchange purposes, there are restaurants, cafes, cultural center and especially, the shared road with 3 separate lanes for pedestrians, cyclists, and skaters at different speed. Even the spiritual need was answered to as investors reserve some area for church and temple.  

Minh Quang Nguyen, Nam long’s director of Sales and Marketing division, confirmed that Waterpoint was designed to offer a perfect living experience and can fully satisfy the needs of residents inside the township area. The project provides a variety of products suited to different group of customers to live, invest or trade such as villas, townhouses, and apartments... There are even enormous villas with thousands of square meters for people who love spaciousness and privacy.  

The Waterpoint project has officially revealed its potential

In recent years, Long An has spent a lot of resources to develop transportation infrastructure, especially in An Thanh village, Ben Luc town of Long An. Many arterial roads have been upgraded such as National Highway 1A, National Road N2, Highway 50 and Highway 62 ... Besides, the government also focused on developing three key local projects to improve connectivity, namely Provincial Highway 830, Tan An City Ring Road and the axis connecting Long An - Tien Giang - Ho Chi Minh City.

View of Waterpoint project at night from the marina 

In 2020, the Ben Luc - Long Thanh expressway will be opened and smoothen the inter-regional traffic from Long An to Ho Chi Minh City and to Southeast provinces. It will connect Long An directly to the national highway network, important seaport of the South such as Cai Mep - Thi Vai, Sao Mai - Ben Dinh, Cat Lai and to Long Thanh international airport. Recently, Ho Chi Minh City People's Committee also proposed to build a parallel road with National Road 50, in addition to HCMC traffic planning until and after 2020.

Meanwhile, Long An province also proposed a parallel road of National Highway 1A to quickly solve traffic congestion. In the future, there will also be National Highway N1, Ring Road 3, Ring Road 4, as well as Ho Chi Minh City - Can Tho railway with a total investment of more than USD $5 billion, which is expected to create breakthrough growth for Long An.

In terms of waterway traffic, besides Vam Co Dong and Vam Co Tay rivers, Long An International Port is one of the largest seaports in the South. Not only reducing the burden for Ho Chi Minh City ports, Long An international port also gives local businesses a more convenient way to import and export goods. 

There are 16 industrial parks operating in Long An at the moment with an occupancy rate of over 80%. According to the statistics, there were 1,492 new business registered in Long An in 2018 (up 0,6% compared to 2017), registered capital totaled VND 22,464 billion (up 12% compared to 2017). In the same year, Long An approved license for 90 projects with foreign investment totaling USD 450 million (increased by USD 15 million compared to 2017). In general, by the end of 2018, there were 11,748 enterprises operating in Long An with a total registered capital of VND 272,776 billion. In addition, there are 951 foreign investment projects with a total registered capital of USD 6,009 million.

In the next few years, as the connection with Ho Chi Minh City gets better, not only Long An but also the whole Mekong Delta will be triggered to fully grow their potential. On the other hand, the "riverside city" - Waterpoint Township has great potential to be a satellite city for Ho Chi Minh City, according to the approved urban area planning by the Government.

Transportation infrastructure and the economy are correlated. Many economic experts said that with a well invested transportation infrastructure, Long An will stand a rare opportunity to attract investment and effectively make use of the land fund to grow its economy. Along with that, urbanization will also speed up, the demand for housing, especially well-done projects like Waterpoint will be an indispensable need of the businesspersons, experts and the people working for enterprises in Long An. 

The first phase of Waterpoint project with an area of 165 hectares will be introduced to the market in the coming months. This area consists of multiple facilities of the project such as medical center, hospital, school, club house, commercial center, sport center, children's playground, restaurants, bus stations, marina, cycling route ... In particular, at each launching, the investors will adjust 5-10% of the selling price based on the construction progress.

(Source: Nam Long Group (Hose: NLG))