Nam Long group announces Nam Long real’s infringement of the intellectual property rights to exclusive trademark "Nam Long"

Recently, NAM LONG GROUP has received more and more comments on the fact that Nam Long Real Development and Investment Joint Stock Company ("Nam Long Real") – an entity that does not have any ownership relationship with Nam Long Group - has committed unauthorized use and infringement of the ownership of the trademark "NAM LONG", which was exclusively protected for Nam Long Group. Nam Long Real has used signboards, transaction documents and business facilities (website namlongreal.vn) when carrying out land transfer transactions in Binh Duong, Dong Nai and Long An provinces. ... The violation of this entity not only caused misunderstandings for many customers but also serious damage to the prestigious brand established and developed by Nam Long Group.
Understanding the seriousness of the incident, with the spirit of respecting the law and taking consumers' rights protection as a guideline for business activities, from the beginning of 2018 Nam Long has started verifying, gathering information and requesting the authorized department,  to promptly handle the legal violations committed by Nam Long Real.
Accordingly, on August 16, 2018, the inspection team consists of Inspectorate representatives from the Ministry of Science and Technology and representatives of the Economic and Corruption Criminal Investigation Department under the Ministry of Public Security, has conducted inspection at Nam Long Real’s headquarters based on Decision No. 65 / QĐ-Ttra, dated 14/08/2018. Here, with the presence and confirmation of Nam Long Real’s legal representative, the inspection team has made a record of administrative violation of intellectual property rights for the trademark which is exclusively protected in Vietnam.

On September 4, 2018, Chief Inspector of the Ministry of Science and Technology, issued Decision on sanctioning administrative violation No. 73 / QD-XPVPHC, in which, a fine of VND 20,000,000 is given to the offending entity for Infringing the Intellectual property rights of the trademark "NAM LONG" that is under the exclusive protection of Nam Long Group; and also forced to terminate the use of "NAM LONG" or "NAMLONG" on all business facilities, signs, transaction documents (project documents, brochures, leaflets, business cards, content of websites, etc.) that this entity is using illegally.

Nam Long Group has been and will be resolutely implementing legal solutions to completely resolve the violations of Nam Long Real in particular and any other entities which might have similar violations in general, aiming to protect customers’ rights and interests, as well as the Nam Long Group’s reputation and interests. Specifically, Nam Long Group is gathering complaints of customers who have been "tricked" to buy Nam Long Real’s project as legal evidences to sue Nam Long Real for the "infringement of Intellectual Property Rights" under the Intellectual Property Law.
The list of all Nam Long Group’s member companies, partner companies and projects news are published and regularly updated on website www.namlongvn.com. Customers who are interested in real estate projects should thoroughly investigate and verify information from reliable sources of investors, to prevent the risk of damage caused by the violation of third parties. 
Through this incident, Nam Long Group sincerely asks for support from media and news agencies to spread out warning and help preventing similar violation damaging consumer rights, the reputation and operation of enterprises.

By Nam Long Group