Nam Long Land appointed new Managing Director

On April 14, in Townhall meeting, Tran Xuan Ngoc, General Director of Nam Long Group, officially announced and appointed Van Viet Son to the position of Managing Director of Nam Long Land,  Housing and Township Development Unit.

Tran Xuan Ngoc, General Director of Nam Long Group congratulated the new CEO of Nam Long Land, Van Viet Son

Van Viet Son joined Nam Long Group in 2020 as a Project Manager, then worked as Deputy Managing Director of Nam Long Land. After only 2 years, he made significant contributions to managing and developing Nam Long’s residential and township projects, including 355-hectare Waterpoint, 170-hectare Izumi City,  8.5-hectare Akari City, etc. Prior to that, he had more than 22 years of experience in construction, project management and development at major real estate corporations in Vietnam.

Speaking at the event, Van Viet Son said that he would continue to accompany the staff to achieve new values, and get ready for new growth limit.

In 2021, following the strategy advised by McKinsey, Nam Long Group restructured and operated under the Business Unit (BU) model with 3 BUs: Land Fund Development, Housing and Township Development, Commercial Real Estate and Venture Capital. The appointment of Nam Long Land CEO (BU2) and the establishment of a separate legal entity for Nam Long Land demonstrates the new strategy and vision of the group. 

Each BU of Nam Long Group will focus on professionalism and efficiency, cohesion and mutual support to balance investment, create resonance and extend the value chain, ensuring the sustainable growth of the group, serving the interests of shareholders, partners and stakeholders.

Source: Nam Long Group (HOSE:NLG)