Nam Long expedites project development, expecting great cash flow at the end of the year

With a healthy financial structure, Nam Long has enough capacity to simultaneously develop several projects. The company is building 2 mega townships, Akari City (Binh Tan) and Mizuki Park (Binh Chanh) in Ho Chi Minh City, Waterpoint township phase 1 (Long An) and Izumi City (Dong Nai)

Continuously open for sale and hand over projects 

From the beginning of the year, while many enterprises have struggled to carry out projects due to financial or legal issues, Nam Long Investment Joint Stock Company (HOSE: NLG) continuously made new strides. By launching and expediting multiple projects, Nam Long is gradually achieving its record-breaking sales revenue this year. 

In Ho Chi Minh City, where land and properties are running out, Nam Long are developing two mega townships, Akari City (Binh Tan) and Mizuki Park (Binh Chanh) with a total area of  34.5 hectares.

With a size of 8.5 hectares, Akari City provided to market in West HCMC about 5,500 Flora condominiums and 23,000 m2 of commercial and office space. After handing over more than 1,800 apartments of phase 1 in Q4/2021, Nam Long and two Japanese partners (Hankyu Hanshin and Nishi Nippon Railroad) broke ground for phase 2 in late February this year. The first products include Flora condominiums in 4 blocks Flora Akari 7 - 8 - 9 - 10 (AK7 - AK8 - AK9 - AK10), with a total of 1,690 apartments, expected to contribute VND 3,800 billion in sales revenue this year.

In Mizuki Park, Nam Long topped out 3 blocks of Flora Mizuki MP6 - 7 - 8 in August. The project was completed after 14 months and 1 million hours of safe work, ensuring schedule, despite the negative impacts of Covid-19 pandemic in 2021. These 3 blocks will be handed over in the first quarter of 2023. Nam Long is also accelerating the construction of component projects in Mizuki Park including Flora Mizuki MP9-10 and Flora Panorama.

Mizuki Park is one of the key projects in Nam Long's strategy of developing integrated townships. The project has a size of ​​​​26 hectares, surrounded by 17,000m2 of natural canals, 20-meter wide Lao canal and 60-meter Ngang canal. The construction density of the entire area is only 29%, while the rest is preserved for facilities and nature. Until now, more than 3,000 townhouses and apartments have been handed over to customers.

Besides the above two projects, Nam Long also deployed Waterpoint township (commercial name of Vam Co Dong New Township) in Ben Luc, Long An with an area of ​​355 hectares. Nam Long has developed phase 1 with a total area of ​​165 hectares under name Southgate.

Waterpoint - Nam Long’s integrated township project

Earlier in March, Nam Long had topped out two apartment buildings in EHome Southgate (4.5 hectares, 7 apartment blocks, more than 1,400 apartments). All 382 apartments in these buildings had been sold out at the opening sale and handed over to customers. In August, properties in EHome Southgate phase 2 were on the market at prices starting from VND 1 billion per unit. Within just 2 hours, all inventories were sold out despite common challenges of the real estate market.

In addition to EHome affordable apartments, Nam Long also developed a million-dollar villa compound along the Vam Co Dong river called the Aqua in Southgate. The Aqua has an expensive location, next to the 8.6-hectare Harbor in the West and the Vam Co Dong river and the 3.56-hectare riverside park.

Nam Long also rolled out and introduced a number of other projects in Dong Nai such as Izumi City (commercial name of Dong Nai Waterfront); Nam Long II Central Lake - Can Tho. According to Nam Long, sales revenue from 5 projects, Mizuki Park (HCMC), Izumi City (commercial name of Dong Nai Waterfront - Dong Nai), Akari City (HCMC), Southgate (phase 1 of Vam Co Dong New Township - Long An) and Can Tho,  has totaled VND 8,550 billions.

Perspective of Izumi City

Large cash flows from project sales

Nam Long expects to launch the above 5 projects in Q3 and Q4 this year. In Dong Nai, Nam Long will bring to market properties in Paragon Dai Phuoc and Izumi City projects (commercial name of Dong Nai Waterfront), expecting highest revenue from existing projects. 

Regarding Paragon Dai Phuoc (​​45 hectares), Nam Long plans to transfer 50% shares to Nishi Nippon Railroad, its long-term partner. The deal is estimated to contribute VND 1,300 billion in revenue and VND 350 billion in profit after tax for the company in this year.

To prepare the financial for project developments without relying on bank loans and fluctuations in interest rates, Nam Long has budgeted from equity and investment from partners. Of which investment from partners including Nishi Nippon Railroad and Hankyu Hanshin is used to develop financial support programs for homebuyers. 

According to Nam Long’s plan, the group might continue selling its shares in Izumi City (commercial name of Dong Nai waterfront) or Waterpoint phase 2 (Long An). Nam Long has recently succeeded in raising VND 1,000 billion in bonds from IFC with interest rate of 9.35%/year for 7 years to develop phase 2 of Waterpoint (Long An).

Source: vietstock.vn