Nam Long opens sale for EHome Southgate phase 2: 100% properties announced first time has sold out

On August 21, at Waterpoint township, Nam Long launched a successful opening sale of EHome Southgate phase 2, with prices starting from 1 VND billion per unit. Within just 2 hours, 100% of the properties launched were sold. 

EHome Southgate phase 2 attracted many customers

Achievable home with VND 1 billion

EHome Southgate is located in the Southgate subdivision, at the entrance of Waterpoint township, about 45 minutes from Ho Chi Minh City via Ho Chi Minh City - Trung Luong highway, convenient for inter-regional transportation.

The project has a size of 4.5ha, including 7 blocks with more than 1,400 apartments, 400 of which in phase 1 have been completed and ready for living. 

Most customers at the event said that they chose EHome Southgate because at affordable prices from VND 1 billion, it had satisfied all the requirements of an ideal living place.

Residents at EHome Southgate are entitled to a world class living environment with multi-layer facilities: local facilities outside of their homes including swimming pool, coffee shops, sports ground, etc. and an all-in-one facility system that serves all the living, working, learning, entertaining and shopping needs at the 355-ha Waterpoint integrated township. 

Reasonable price and quality living space are the factors that drive customers to choose EHome Southgate

This is also the first EHome project that Nishi Nippon Railroad, the 100-year old Japanese corporation takes part in, providing a comprehensive upgrade in design, materials, etc. The entire apartment is thoughtfully designed to maximise usage, promote connection with nature and optimize functionality.   

“I work at an industrial park in Long An, and my wife works in Ho Chi Minh City. I’ve heard of Waterpoint for a long time and enjoyed the fresh air and facilities here. When I knew that EHome Southgate had open sale and the price was reasonable, I decided to buy an apartment to enjoy the life here and easily travel to work.", said Trung Hieu, after buying EHome Southgate phase 2.

A product for the community

According to data from HoREA, in 2020, affordable housing accounted for 1% of the total supply. In 2021 and the first 6 months of 2022, this segment almost vanished. Continuous increase in land prices, inflation pressure, lengthy legal procedures, low profits caused businesses to drop affordable housing. Some investors however have recently announced development of affordable housing products, helping to solve the housing problem.

Nam Long is one of the few pioneers in developing affordable housing who think of it as a mission and strategy. In 2008, when the real estate market was booming, Nam Long introduced the first EHome project, in addition to its high-end products and townships.

To create high quality products at the most accessible prices, Nam Long has consulted low-cost housing development programs of many different countries and applied them selectively based on business  capability and Vietnam’s market conditions.

EHome is developed based on 3 main criteria: Economy (Economic efficiency), Ecology (Eco-living environment) and Efficiency (Exquisite and optimal design). The common point of EHome projects is that convenient location in residential areas in the city and neighboring provinces, with convenient traffic infrastructure, suitable for current and future economic developments.

EHome Southgate Phase 1 received good feedback from customers for the quality and completion progress.

In addition to diversified facilities, recent EHome projects are located inside Nam Long’s integrated townships, so residents have access to many activities that aim to create an interesting and useful playground and sustainable communities.

For example, at EHome Southgate Phase 2's open sale event, Nam Long organized the Nam Long Fresh at Waterpoint for hundreds of children. Nam Long Fresh includes many interesting activities under the theme "Build a green planet together" about protecting nature and the environment, for children to learn and play. The program raises awareness about green living and at the same time, proves Nam Long’s commitment to sustainable and eco-friendly development.

Nam Long Fresh is one of the activities for the community at Waterpoint

An intensive investment in every stage of project development and "affordable" prices help EHome become a national product and sell well regardless of market conditions. Nam Long has completed about 5,000 EHome apartments, helping thousands of families to get their dream home with moderate and stable incomes.

On the journey to become an integrated real estate company, besides expanding market segments and developing townships, affordable housing will remain Nam Long’s core business following their mission of "joining hands to create a living environment and valuable products for the community", accompanying the national housing strategy.

Source: Nam Long Group (HOSE:NLG)