Ehome Southgate’s quality and living environment cause surprises

As part of Nam Long’s well-known affordable EHome projects, EHome Southgate is located at the entrance of the 355-ha Waterpoint township (Ben Luc, Long An).

The construction of EHome Southgate phase 1 has been completed.

Many homebuyers of EHome Southgate phase 1 have expressed satisfaction after the site inspection. With prices starting from VND 1 billion, EHome Southgate offers quality apartments and world-class facilities near Ho Chi Minh City.


As part of Nam Long’s well-known EHome Affordable apartment, EHome Southgate is located at the entrance of the 3550ha Waterpoint township (Ben Luc, Long An). EHome Southgate provides more than 1,400 apartments at competitive prices, suitable for the majority of average income earners and young families.

At prices starting from VND 1 billion, EHome Southgate is a rare supply in a segment that has long been absent from the market. As a result, EHome Southgate phase 1 quickly sold out as soon as it’s published. 

In addition to a competitive price, EHome Southgate also offers a payment policy to support buyers in the working class. With an initial deposit from VND 300 million, customers can sign a contract for the apartment and pay the rest on loan. Reasonable prices and a supportive payment policy help use their cash flow more effectively and own the house more easily.

Hoai Nam (Binh Chanh) said: “I was fortunate to buy an EHome Southgate apartment near my workplace in Thuan Dao industrial park. I was really surprised with the quality construction of EHome Southgate compared to other projects in the same price range in Ho Chi Minh City. Especially, the building has full facilities such as clubhouse, swimming pool, sports area, coffee area and a lot of trees".

The natural living environment is the feature that makes EHome Southgate outstanding in the affordable housing segment.

Thu Thuy, who is working at Long An international airport, shared with a bright smile: "After 3 years of getting married, our dream to have an apartment has come true. We no longer have to live in a small and narrow rental house without any facilities. Our apartment is not so big but the design is modern and we have a great view.” 


Homeowners at EHome Southgate have had excellent feedback. Nam Long and Japanese Nishi Nippon Railroad have carefully researched and invested in a thorough upgrade in design and construction materials, giving EHome Southgate many outstanding advantages compared to previous EHome projects.

Each apartment has just enough space, smart and convenient design, and optimal usage. The windows, ventilation system, etc. are also carefully arranged to ensure ventilation, air convection, allowing the space to always be filled with nature.

EHome Southgate phase 2 with more than 400 apartments will be launched to market this August

Besides, EHome Southgate is carefully designed, developed a synchronous facility system and connected to the public infrastructure of Waterpoint township. EHome Southgate residents are entitled to exclusive facilities and a quality living environment from Waterpoint’s "all-in-one" facility ecosystem that serve the living, working, learning, entertaining and shopping needs.  

Southgate also has modern facilities such as a service hub, administrative center, EMASI international bilingual school, etc. In the future, this will be the most crowded area at Waterpoint township.

All the above are bonus points that contribute to creating a promising future for families with moderate and stable monthly income. As the supply of apartments for living is scarce, high quality projects at the price of around VND 1 billion like EHome Southgate bring hope to people. According to Nam Long, EHome Southgate phase 2 with more than 400 apartments will be launched to market this August in response to fast increasing demand.

Source: vneconomy.vn