Nam Long Group continues to donate more than VND 4 billion worth of medical equipment to preventing and fighting against COVID-19 in HCMC

Following the meaningful activities of "NAM LONG CONTRIBUTING TO FIGHTING  AGAINST COVID-19 PANDEMIC CAMPAIGN" in 2021, Nam Long Group donated  VND 4.1 billion worth of medical supplies and equipment to the Committee for Covid-19 Prevention and Control, Ho Chi Minh City Fatherland Front Committee to support the city's preventing and fighting against Covid-19.

Nam Long Group donated medical equipment and supplies to Ho Chi Minh City’s preventing and fighting against COVID-19.

Ho Chi Minh City currently has the highest number of new positive cases confirmed daily. Despite facing many challenges, the city has never given up the positivity and has been resiliently fighting against Covid-19 pandemic with love and support from people in other parts of the country. Nam Long Group understands the great pressure that the city’s medical force is facing. In addition to the supportive program "wherever you need, Nam Long will be there” that have been carried out the past time, the Group has also been trying to raise more funding and resources to support HCMC’s medical staff who have been at the frontline of the fight all day and night.  

In July, Nam Long specifically donated 160,000 nasal swabs, 590 Sp02 finger oxygen saturation monitor, 3 HFNO/HFCN high flow oxygen systems, 3 Electrocardiogram machines ≥ 6 channels, 3 intubation lights with camera, 2,500 3M N95 masks and 10,300 protective suits to Ho Chi Minh City’s Committee for COVID-19 Prevention and Control, the HCMC Fatherland Front Committee. The total value of donations was almost VND 4.1 billion.

Nam Long accompanies the Campaign Committee and the City’s Department of Health to give out equipment and supplies to Thu Duc City People's Committee and 22 frontline hospitals in Ho Chi Minh City.

The Campaign Committee will coordinate with the City’s Department of Health Health Department and Nam Long Group to deliver donated equipment and supplies to Thu Duc City People’s Committee and 22 hospitals for Covid-19 treatment in Ho Chi Minh City, including Cho Ray Hospital, Thu Duc Covid-19 treatment Hospital, Tropical Hospital, Pham Ngoc Thach Hospital, Nguyen Trai Hospital, Nguyen Hospital Tri Phuong, No. 2 Field Hospital, No. 11 Field Hospital, Can Gio Field Hospital, Cu Chi, Children's Hospital 2, etc. These supplies and equipment are expected to make testing, examination and treatment for Covid-19 in Ho Chi Minh City safer and more effective.

NAM LONG CONTRIBUTING TO FIGHTING  AGAINST COVID-19 PANDEMIC CAMPAIGN 2021 has donated a total of VND 17 billion so far with many activities to support the community, including contributing VND 5 billion to the Government’s Vaccine Fune, VND 2 billion with of medical supplies and equipment to Bac Giang Province, VND 2 billion to Thu Duc City People’s Committee to support tracking and treating positive cases in Thu Duc, VND 500 million to Long An’s Fund for Covid-19 Prevention and Control, VND 5 billion worth of supplies to hospitals in Ho Chi Minh City, including 160,000 nasal cotton swabs, 590 SpO2 finger oxygen saturation meters, 29,000 N95 masks, 15,700 sets of protective gears, 275,000 medical masks, 3 electrocardiogram machine, 3 sets of endotracheal lights, 4 HFNO/HFC high flow oxygen systems; and food and supplies donations to residents in Nam Long’s residential buildings, 0 VND supermarkets, etc.  

Consistently following the mission “Creating a valuable living environment and products for the community for almost 30 years, Nam Long has always strived in community activities. Tran Xuan Ngoc, the Group’s General Director said that "Each person contributes according to their own capacity" indicates clearly the spirit of Vietnamese businesses during the pandemic. Not only Nam Long but also many other businesses have carried out meaningful activities to support the nation’s fight against Covid-19. Besides supporting frontline medical forces, the Group also held activities to help Nam Long’s residents and poor people post Covid-19. We perhaps are facing many financial difficulties but above everything, if we could protect our lives, we can rebuild anything. We always believe that a strong will and positivity will help the community overcome the pandemic and recover in the future.

Source: Nam Long Group (Hose: NLG)