When businesses unite in the fight against Covid-19

It has been more than a year since the first Covid-19 outbreak, many Vietnamese businesses have promoted community services, sharing the burden with the Government and the citizens. 

The "5K + vaccine" strategy has helped Vietnam become a worldwide example in Covid-19 prevention and control. In addition to citizens strictly following 5K rules, Vietnamese businesses also strived to fulfill its community responsibility, by supporting the Government’s public vaccination campaign.

Joining force with the Governmen

The 4th wave has pushed our government to switch from Defending to Attacking, with the first objective being mass vaccination. To achieve community immunity, Vietnam needs about 150 million doses of Covid-19 vaccine for 75 million people, with a total estimated cost of more than VND 25,000 billion.

Together with the Government, Vietnamese businesses have made practical contributions. Besides contributing to the vaccine fund, businesses actively donated medical equipment and supplies, supported healthcare workers, researched pandemic controlling solutions, etc.  

In response to the nation’s call, contributing to working towards community immunity, Nam Long Group donated VND 5 billion to the vaccine fund via HCMC’s Fatherland Front Committee. At the same time, the group provided VND 2 billion worth of medical supplies to Bac Giang’s Youth Union and Provincial Delegation to carry out Covid-19 preventing and controlling activities in the area.

To support HCMC with emergency response in the 4th wave, the Group supplied 5,000 protective suits, 15,000 gloves, ventilators and energy drinks to the medical teams working in Tropical Hospital, Children Hospital 2, Field hospitals in Can Gio and Cu Chi.

These activities are part of “Nam Long contributing to fighting against Covid-19 pandemic” campaign which was rolled out in 2020. So far this year, Nam Long has raised more than VND 12 billing from member companies, management, employees and joint venture partners.

Talking about this year's campaign, Tran Xuan Ngoc, General Director of Nam Long Group, said: “We have received countless meaningful things after rolling out Nam Long contributing to fighting against Covid-19 pandemic campaign. As the company carried out the first massive social campaign, I was deeply imbued with kindness."

According to him, the campaign has shown Nam Long’s unity, not only coming from the management team but also from all employees. “Our staff not only work together in the office but also for a greater cause that is helping the community and society. This is something we are very proud of”, he said.  

Working together with the community 

Aiming to ensure safety of the residents at Nam Long’s townships and help them cope with the pandemic, the Group has carried out many effective Covid-19 preventing solutions. 

Accordingly, the Group coordinated with the authorities in testing and disinfecting the public areas in these townships. Many 0 VND shops selling necessities and fresh food were opened, helping the residents when travel is restricted. More than 2,600 gift packages of food were sent to apartment blocks in lockdown, giving the residents motivation to get through the pandemic. 

More than 2,600 gift packages of food were sent to apartment blocks in lockdown, giving the residents motivation to get through the pandemic. 

During city-wide lockdown, maintaining an optimistic mind and having enjoyable family experiences is essential for everyone to overcome difficulties. To inspire residents in Nam Long’s townships with positive living, improving their awareness about physical and mental health, the Group launched Children’s month with the theme “Home playground, bring the family together” on its fanpage.

The junior residents actively participated in interesting activities including recycling materials, planting trees, drawing “dream home”, dancing along with Anti-covid dance, etc. Many received awards from organizers by sharing photos and videos on the fanpage. 

Accompanying the Group in “Nam Long contributing to fighting against Covid-19 pandemic” campaign are the State agencies and the social service teams at frontline hospitals. In particular, the group also received help from suppliers and partners to complete the campaign in time. There are countless times when Nam Long received supplies without having made the payment just so they can be delivered to the community quicker. 

“Besides supporting the residents in Nam Long’s townships, the Group also held activities to support frontline healthcare workers and poor people post Covid-19. We perhaps are facing many financial difficulties but above everything, if we could protect our lives, we can rebuild anything. I hope the community will stay positive, keep up the spirit to overcome the pandemic”, the Group’s representative said. 

"Each person contributes according to their own capacity" indicates clearly the spirit of Vietnamese businesses during the pandemic. With meaningful activities, Nam Long is contributing resources to help the country fight the pandemic step by step, spreading the “for community” spirit, and pursuing the mission of a sustainable real estate corporation.  

Source: Zingnews.vn