The silent heroes in the fight against the pandemic

As news about redundancy and staff cuts worry every worker, the happiness shown on the faces of cleaning and security staff in Mizuki Park township, Binh Chanh as they receive support from Nam Long becomes more precious. These are people who are silently protecting the health and safety of the community. 

At Nam Long, cleaning, security and landscaping staff are the silent heroes who keep the living environment clean and safe throughout the pandemic.

During our visit, Nguyen Thi Mai, a cleaner at Mizuki Park township was collecting trash, cleaning elevators and constantly spraying disinfectant in many exposed places. She shared that since her job requires touching disposals, she was afraid of being infected and infecting others but she still managed to get her job done to keep her residential area clean and safe.

As the workload gets heavier during the pandemic, sometimes she is exhausted but she still feels lucky to have a job and stable income.

Le Huu Hai, security staff who control people in and out every day from the front of the building, remind everyone to wear a mask and wash hands with sanitizer placed around the building for safety assurance. Everyone entering the building has been thanking him for such reminders.

Hai is very optimistic as he is not worried of losing his job and has a good working environment. Having not only support from the employer but also encouragement from the residents have made him very proud of his job.

In addition to activities against Covid-19 in the campaign “Nam Long’s support in the fight against the pandemic”, the Group had budgeted VND 500 million to support “the frontline heroes” of the residential area who are low-income employees working across 20 projects in Ho Chi Minh City, Long An and Binh Duong. The activity takes place every month until the end of December 2020.

At the gift-giving ceremony, we see joys in the eyes of many other low-income workers. We understand that their happiness is as simple as having people recognize their contribution to the safety of the community.

Every person had a present in their hand when leaving. Some of them carried their coworker’s present as the other is still on duty. We can hear the ladies laughing and the men chatting. We guess that these presents are not only support but also motivation from Nam Long, which ignites their hope during this challenging time of the pandemic.

Nam Long acknowledges and thanks for the commitment of all employees who have fulfilled their responsibilities of protecting the community’s health despite all the difficulties during this pandemic.

Source: Zingnews.vn