Waterfront house is living space’s upgrade for the upper class

Wealthy people tend to avoid living in a narrow space in the city center and seek waterfront spaces to experience high-quality living.

The rapid increase of the super-rich is one of the factors driving the demand for living in nature and improving health.

The tendency of choosing a living space

People from the upper class around the world are not only wealthy but also have delicate aesthetic preferences. So besides having a place to settle down, the house needs to bring a handful of experiences. Not a big house in the cramped city but the waterfront villas and mansions will intrigue the upper class.

Living space near the river attracts successful people.

Waterfront houses intrigue successful people

Around the world, many areas have been devoted to the upper class at its distinctive standards, like the Dubai Palm Tree villas with a unique location, or Sagaponack, a high-class residential area in the Hamptons, east of Long Island, New York. Downtown Vancouver, north of Vancouver, Canada has an oceanfront location with smooth sand and luxury yachts.

There is no coincidence that the upper class highly prefers waterfront properties. Rich people tend to live where there are fresh air and nature as a way to improve their physical and mental health every day. Besides, they also seek for an elite experience. Living near the water with cool air and romantic scenery that also creates a relaxing and pleasant feeling will give them such experience. 

Sagaponack village in the United States is the living destination of many rich people. 

The Asians rely on Feng shui to choose the land position that will pull off everything they do. Therefore, the upper class prioritizes riverside real estate to welcome wealth and bring vitality to homeowners.

The choices of the upper class in Vietnam

Over the past 10 years, uptown residential areas have been established in Vietnam, often in beautiful locations that have a peaceful nature and are not too far from the city. Instead of weekend getaways, the upper class can enjoy a staycation in their houses.  

Among those, Waterpoint Grand Villa with a large usable area, allowing homeowners to freely design their eco living space in a modern style, is a proper fit with the upper class’ requirements. Located on Vam Co Dong riverside, each Riverfront Grand Villa in the Rivera subdivision stretches over 20 meters along the river, capturing the beauty of nature, blending in with the delicate and romantic park.

Waterpoint’s luxury collection has its own marina, an add-on to the elite living experience.

Having a Riverfront Grand Villa in Waterpoint, homeowners can enjoy the fresh breeze, the greenery, and cool air flowing in from the river. Meanwhile, sparkling reflections of blooming flowers and plants on the water also create impressive scenes for the living space.

Residents can travel within the area by boats following waterways from the 2 marinas to each villa, diversifying their living experiences. They can easily connect to the main marina and the 8.6-hectare freshwater bay of the project.

Riverfront Grand Villa is synchronised with nature, allowing owners to enjoy a relaxing and comfortable life. 

Waterpoint’s Rivera subdivision lets homeowners live comfortably in nature but also provides them with modern facilities. Inspired from various uptown residential area designs worldwide, Waterpoint gathers successful people, proving a unique lifestyle, mix and match of international and local. 

Waterpoint’s luxury collection consists of the Grand Villa and the Riverfront Grand Villa in Rivera 1 subdivision.

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Source: zingnews.vn