An overview of 5 functional subdivisions of Waterpoint - Riverside city

The Waterpoint Riverside City developed by Nam Long, NNR, TBS Group, and Tan Hiep is the center of investment focus in the West, attracting thousands of visitors every week. The highlight of this project is the extremely well-planned layout designed by world-renowned company CM+ (Australia) with 5 main subdivisions: Southgate, Aquaria, Rivera, Marina, and Central Park.

The planning of 5 functional subdivisions at Waterpoint City

Southgate - Trading and services gateway

Located at the front of Provincial Route 830, designed to service more than 30,000 residents of the Waterpoint city and surrounding areas, the Southgate subdivision plays an important role in the project planning. Fundamental services operated at large scales such as service hub, administrative center, hospital, supermarket, international school and university are centralized in one area to create a busy and dynamic gateway for the entire township. The 2-hectare service hub with 2 central bus stops, a food court, a movie theater has been urgently built to first serve people living in surrounding areas, creating a new destination for Ben Luc residents.  

Central Park - The big park in the heart of the City
Waterpoint has the rarest green coverage among the existing townships with more than 65 hectares of parks. In particular, the 25-hectare Central Park with numerous landscape works merging with nature such as garden, bird park, canopy, hill, camping lawn, restaurants, and cafes... At the moment, the country club, an international standard communal center with 5 tennis courts, football field, basketball court, badminton, competition-qualifying swimming pool... has opened for visitors. Ngo Hien, a visitor said: “I like the delicacy of this project. From the very small detail like leveling the facilities, allowing us to watch the kids playing sports from the cafes has proven the meticulous and perfect calculations of the designers. ”

Aquaria - the subdivision of prosperity
Unlike other townships where facilities are often placed in between the residential areas, Waterpoint design somewhat respects the privacy of the residents. Many customers are fascinated by Aquaria’s “Belly of the dragon” position which according to fengshui, will bring prosperity to the residents. With one side overlooking the riverside park and the other side facing the Central Park, located next to the 8.6-hectare freshwater bay, Aquaria subdivision is not embraced by water and greenery. The canals weaving through the whole area create a fresh atmosphere and create a not only high-class living area with the unique marina bay but also "one of a kind" living experiences.

The perspective of Aquaria subdivision next to the 8.6-hectare freshwater bay and riverside parks

Rivera - the subdivision of generosity  
Looking from above, Rivera has a shape of an eagle spreading its wings. This is the place for people who love freedom, spaciousness, and the beauty of nature. The entire subdivision spreads out alongside the Vam Co Dong, which has a wild beauty and a long history. Each house has its own nature background with vegetation, rivers, and canals. Indeed, all riverside villas are designed to optimize the "million-dollar" river view. There are also boat docks and riverside clubhouses dedicated to cozy and glamorous parties. 

Rivera subdivision has several boat docks and a beautiful view of the Vam Co Dong and the vast greenery.

Marina - the pinnacle of life 
Marina subdivision is a symbol of modern, advanced, and high class living with the only luxurious freshwater marina bay in Vietnam, designed according to the harbor in Australia. Leading the new trend of living, the 5-star facilities and lavish properties at Marina subdivision will bring absolute satisfaction to those who love the upper life, with unique experiences and styles. The need for spirituality, the highest need in the hierarchy is also fulfilled with church and temple right in the area.
Besides the unique features of each subdivision, the entire Waterpoint riverside city is connected via an internal transport system with connecting routes for pedestrians, disabled people, bicycles and modern electronic vehicles, and an 8-kilometer shadowed cycling route, a 13-km riverside trail. This design not only brings economic value and efficiency but above all, it aims to provide a better connection for the community. This is outstanding planning for sustainable and livable townships, supporting the population expansion program and contributing to the overall national planning.

(Source: Batdongsan.com.vn)