Satellite cities development – The highlight of Waterpoint

To develop the key urban area in the South, some investors have started to build satellite cities in the suburban provinces in the recent years. Indeed, Nam Long’s Waterpoint is a spotlight in Long An.

Overview of the rustic and contemporary Waterpoint riverside city. 

Advantages of Long An

HCMC is facing numerous challenges in planning, developing urban areas, and meeting the housing demands due to its mega size and large population of 13 million people. According to the 2017 statistics of HCMC Department of Construction, HCMC has about 50,000 newlyweds, 20,000 bureaucrat households and 13,000 families relocated due to embellishment projects that have housing needs. There are also over 1.2 million immigrants with urgent housing needs. Therefore, satellite cities have become the strategic objective for HCMC, in decentralizing its population. Long An particularly has many competitive advantages thanks to its adjoining position with HCMC, large land fund and convenient traffic. Long An authority also issues policies to attract investment, develop infrastructure and urban areas, especially high-end projects that not only suit HCMC citizens but also professionals and experts working in industrial zones.  

Green villa at the riverside city Waterpoint. 

Long An currently has 32 industrial parks with a total area of 11,524 hectares and 62 industrial clusters with a total area of 3,106 hectares. In May 2020, the 1800-hectare Viet Phat Industrial Park project was commenced, preparing for a new wave of FDI investment into Vietnam. At the same time with attracting investment and developing the economy, Long An also calls for investment in township and housing development for workers. So far, Long An welcomed a large wave of investment from big investors in the real estate industry, bringing new opportunities for Long An to breakthrough in upcoming period. 

Waterpoint – riverside city recognized at an international level

Waterpoint township is the first satellite city built in Long An province. The township is 355-hectare large, located on DT 830, Ben Luc district, and just over 40 minutes away from District 1 of Ho Chi Minh City. Its attraction is not only the large size and strategic position but also the reputation of local and foreign investors involved in the projects. In fact, Nam Long group has partnered with a series of foreign corporations, such as Nishi-Nippon Railroad, Lascal (Japan); Conybeare Morrison, Royal Haskoning DHV (Australia); Aurecon (Netherlands); Swan & Maclaren (Singapore). Big local players including ARDOR, Hoa Binh, Coteccons (Vietnam) ... also contributed to transform Waterpoint into a real "city" with modern utilities, capacity to service a community of over 30,000 people and the first quality living environment at international standards in Long An, as well as in the Mekong Delta.

Infrastructure and utility systems been quickly built at Waterpoint 

Waterpoint’s best selling points in phase 1 include the 5.8-km river border by Vam Co Dong River, 8km of canals, 6 layers of river parks with a total water surface of 65 hectare, covering the entire area. This natural ecosystem offers not only a green living environment but also an ideal location to hold sports activities and outdoor cultural festivals for the community. 

Besides, Waterpoint also has a unique "all in one" utility system including 25 hectares for educational institutes from preschool to university; 3-hectare medical center; 3-hectare Country Club with tennis court, football field, gym, conference room; 8ha of land area for outdoor sport facilities, jogging track, bicycle trail, sports playground; 8.6ha freshwater bay, classy marina; 1,5ha churches and pagodas; bus service system of 1.3ha and more than 20ha for commercial - entertainment land, riverside clubhouse, research center, service center, cultural house, bus stop, community house, office area... Everything above has made Waterpoint the modern and vibrant mini city, surrounded by natural beauty. Residents can work, study, relax and participate in community activities right in their neighborhood.

Nam Long is Vietnam's leading real estate developer with 28 years of experience and an excellent portfolio of numerous townships and high-end housing projects. Nam Long also established partnerships with major local and global brands in real estate industry.  These are the reasons making Waterpoint the most awaited satellite city in Western HCMC.    

(Source: Thanhnien)