A “very-Japanese” real estate ecosystem

After nearly 26 years of operation, Nam Long Group (NLG) made some significance with a series of housing projects such as Thao Nguyen Saigon, Phuoc Long B, Tan Thuan Dong, Kikyo Residence, Fuji Residence. Recently, Nam Long attracted more attention when focusing on the development of a complete real estate ecosystem at three projects Mizuki Park, Akari City and Waterpoint.
Nam Long is accompanied two Japanese partners, Hankyu Hanshin Properties Corp. and Nishi Nippon Railroad in all three township projects. With over one hundred years of experience in real estate development in Japan, in addition to the capital contribution, these two partners also made bold mark in every cooperating project with Nam Long, in terms of planning as well as design and selecting building materials.
Above all, these projects not solely provide housing products but also utilities such as schools, health centers, amusement parks, commercial and office areas ... which response daily needs of the residents without making them to travel outside the area. It helps residents save time, reduce travel costs and create a more modern lifestyle.

Mizuki Park is well-designed in harmony with the water and green landscape, bringing a desirable living space for urban residents.

First of all is the 26 hectare Mizuki Park township located on Nguyen Van Linh Boulevard (South Saigon). With a series of utilities such as 17,000m2 of canals, more than 103,000m2 of greenery, 40,000m2 of schools; 15,000 m2 of trading - service area; sports center; amusement park ..., Mizuki Park brings a modernity and comfort to living space but still remains in harmony with the nature. Reserving a lot of spaces for trees and water, in addition to the embrace of Ngang canal and Lao canal, makes Mizuki Park a "green town" in the heart of the city. At home, the residents can leave behind all the fatigue and noisy of the city to breathe in fresh air and green vibes. For these reasons, Mizuki Park is expected to be a standard for Japanese style township in Ho Chi Minh City’s real estate market.
At Akari City project, located right on Vo Van Kiet Boulevard, just 15 minutes from District 1, Nam Long and two Japanese partners have another approach to living space planning. On an area of 8.5 hectares, Akari City is developed base on the concept of a "multi-purpose residential city" with 4,600 Flora apartments renovated and upgraded, and the utility system including shopping and dining; educational area; healthcare center; landscape parks, amusement parks ...

The highlight of Akari City is a large central park which combines a number of exciting amenities, contributing to create a new lifestyle in the city center.

Located in the city center, dedicating a lot of space for public area and utilities can reduce investor’s profitability, but the increase in living quality of the residents is worth it. In addition to the common facilities such as schools, hospitals, shopping malls and food courts, each block at Akari City will also have self-contained facilities such as community clubs, swimming pool, children's playground, gym, coffee terrace ... Stepping away from public areas, homeowners can enjoy a private and quiet place where seniors can live happily in peace and children can freely play with friends without making their parents worried about security and safety.
Another remarkable project of Nam Long is the 355 hectare Waterpoint township in Ben Luc, Long An, 30-45 minutes from the center of HCMC. Based on Japanese township model, the project includes townhouses, villas and condominiums; office complex; shopping, service and entertainment center; hospital; preschool education - primary school; university; hospital; sports complex...
Waterpoint is properly planned as a satellite city of Ho Chi Minh City, capable to satisfy all the needs of residents in using services, learning, entertaining and working.
After completion, Waterpoint will become a fully functional township, not only serving the residents but also sharing responsibility with HCMC in satellite town development strategy to shift the population. Especially, the highlight of Waterpoint is the 21 hectare central park combined with the canal and landscape system, which harmoniously and flexibly interwoven with the apartment buildings. Moreover, the embrace of Vam Co Dong River around three sides of Waterpoint creates a living space similar to those of eco resorts.

By Cafef.vn